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Essay on Working Hard: Ways of Becoming Workaholic


Sooner or later the idea that it is time to grow up and get a job comes to your mind. The reasons can be different: a desire to earn money, gain experience, gain new knowledge or simply prove that you are a genius. The main thing is your desire and attitude. So, imagine: you have made a serious decision and started looking for your first job. A million thoughts are swarming in your head: where do I start? Where and how to find work? And where to look for help with college homework? Maybe it is too early to build a career? Relax! It is normal if you ask such questions. It is worse if these questions do not arise in your head. Where to find the answers? Keep on reading this essay, and let your start be successful.

Paper on Singapore: Earthly Heaven


It does not look like any other megalopolis of the world. It is not noisy, hectic or dusty. It does not try to catch you and get you involved into a crazy circular flow. It is covered with a beautiful blue sky, full of light clouds that look like a miracle. This city is not rude or naughty. It just knows that it is the most incredible city in the world, but just like a well-bred guy, it does not flaunt. It smiles delicately; it drives you crazy gently, and it whispers, “Relax. Take it easy.”

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