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How to Respond to College Acceptance Letter
Acceptance Letter

There is nothing like opening the long-awaited letter of admission. At some point, it feels like opening the Hogwarts letter. But it turns out, waiting for a response is not so hard as taking a decision that is going to change your whole life. What to do after you finally got the desired college acceptance letter?

Rappers Who Graduated College

The average rap story that we know is about a rapper who came from the hood, sold the drugs, tried to survive and fought his way into the world of show business. No education, no college, of course. But nowadays it is cool to be smart. No matter whether you are an artist, a banker, a rapper or just a mother of two.

What Are Hybrid Classes in College?

I would like to start the article with a little question. How do you see the future of education? How do you imagine the classrooms of the future a hundred years from now? You often see technology portrayed in some really interesting ways, do you not?

How to Become Popular in College

Almost every one of us wants to ride the wave and to stand out in the crowd. Almost every one of us, regardless of our character, tries to be in the center of attention and wishes the day of the glory came sooner. No matter where you study, there’s definitely a fashionista, or a wonk, or a fan of Harry Potter in your class.

College Policies Regarding Plagiarism and How to Fix Your Paper
College Graduate

Another name for plagiarism is “academic dishonesty,” assuming that a student tried to cheat the system and get a grade for the work they have not accomplished. What plagiarism actually stands for is presenting the work of another person like it is your own, that is, without referencing or citing the source or, what is worse, copying or paraphrasing the paper that was already submitted to the same or different college.

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