How Does College Work?

College students

Have you ever asked yourself how much practical information do you know about education in the United States? Let’s examine the subject regarding different educational establishments in the first place. So how does college work?

Why Is College So Expensive?

Expensive college

On average, people who go to college earn on 95% more per hour than those who have only a high school diploma. University is not for everyone, of course, but the clear financial benefits, not to mention the social experience, has significantly increased enrollment. As demand for college education has increased, so has the price. Is it the only reason why college is so expensive?

What Does Post College Mean?

Post college

Post college, or post college grad, means a process of completion of Master degree. In other words, a postgraduate student is the one who studies to pursue the next level degree. It is possible to pursue a Master’s degree only after holding Bachelors (BA) in any field.

How to Respond to College Acceptance Letter

Acceptance Letter

There is nothing like opening the long-awaited letter of admission. At some point, it feels like opening the Hogwarts letter. But it turns out, waiting for a response is not so hard as taking a decision that is going to change your whole life. What to do after you finally got the desired college acceptance letter?

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