Sociology Essay: Why Millennials Are the Generation of Killers


Not actual assassin-like killers, but little harmless smoothie-drinking adults who have a mind of a child. Yep, we`re still talking about millennials, and if you`re one of those guys, you`ll silently agree with every sentence in this article whether you want it or not. But why would we call millennials killers? Firstly, Internet users these days are in love with screaming headlines. But trust me, this is not a clickbait, just give us a chance and see for yourself.

What Should You Know Before Studying at a French University?

Studying in France

Be honest with me here: what would expect from an article which dares to teach you something about students` life in France? Perhaps, we are going to tell you about the best (in terms of expenses, of course) universities, or about the grants, or scholarships that you can get in France. Nope, none of the above. You`ll find plenty of information about this stuff somewhere else. Besides, France is known for its high-quality cheap education.

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