Top 10 Movies about College Worth Watching
Movies about college


Movies reflecting the life of young people and partially college students, their worries, troubles, mysteries and intrigues have always been especially popular among viewers. In modern cinema trends, there is a separate class of movies about college and university lives.


How to Write an Essay Fast?
Write essay fast

It is a well-known fact that the ability to write an essay is a very essential skill for any student. And the ability to write essay fast is out of comparison: probably anyone who has come across this issue comprehends the importance of writing essays fast and without mistakes.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics
Cause and effect essay topics

Students of various majors keep looking for good topic ideas for cause and effect essay because many of the topics they offer are getting turned down by professors. You could ask, what in the world do they want from you on your current academic level? In actuality, it’s simple. Some topics are just too complex to reflect on in a small, five-paragraph essay.

7 Tips on Eating Healthy as a Student
Eat healthy

The first year in college is quite stressful for everyone. You have to figure everything out, so every day is pretty challenging. No wonder, statistics show that almost 70% of students gain weight during their first year in college. There are so many things to learn and do that people simply forget to eat healthy. Finding food every single day feels like another job, so students simply ignore it.

College Essay Ideas
Ideas for college essay

The process of enrollment in college is a tough nut to crack. After all your carefree life in high school ends, suddenly so many responsibilities come down on you. Gather recommendation letters, pass exams with higher than average scores, decide where you want to study, where you want to live, apply for scholarships, and so much more. College essay topic idea is almost the last thing you can think of. When hearing that some insightful peers began preparing their ideas nearly a year ago, your anxiety rises to a boiling point.

Going Back to College After Dropping Out
Going back to college after dropping out


Thinking you are the only one to experience anxiety about going back to college after dropping out? Hardly so. The U.S. Census Bureau report of 2016 shows surprisingly high college student dropout statistics. They calculated nearly 36 million adults of 25 years and older to have a certain amount of college credit whereas no degree whatsoever.

Logical Thinking & Writing for College Students
Logical thinking & writing for college students


Academic writing calls for a clearly defined line of arguments. Moreover, all your process of thoughts you display in a college essay should be perfectly logical. So, how to order your claims and supporting evidence in such a manner that proves for your thesis statement to be true?

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