Money Back Policy is focused on delivering the best quality writing services to our customers. We have more than 5 year experience in academic assistance and are aware how to get the customers contented.

Our customers have an undeniable possibility of order disputing. Although the company’s satisfactory rate is 97, 7%, meaning that requirements of the customers are constantly fulfilled, sometimes the misinterpretations may occur, which is why we give our customers an opportunity of opening a dispute. We are convinced that our key task is to expand understanding of our customer’s needs and to meet their instructions with every single order.

Please, be notified that the review of a dispute case takes typically 5-10 days as all the details must be carefully studied and evaluated by the Dispute Department. The customers can request refund during 10 days after they received a completed paper. If a request for refund is issued later, unfortunately, it will not be reviewed.

Cases when you can request money back for an order:

  1. You paid for your order two times. In case you have paid twice for the same order by accident you need to contact the support team representative within the shortest terms. They verify this info and issue one of payments back to you. In case you placed two same orders, kindly, perform the similar actions as described here.
  2. There was no writer found for the order you placed. We cooperate with more than 700 writers at the moment but in certain cases we may experience difficulties with finding the writer for a particular order due to its complexity or very short deadline. In case we do not manage to find a writer for your order we will let you know about the issue soon and refund the required or necessary amount back to you. Additionally, we do promise to provide customers with a good discount for their future orders. If no writer was found for the revision for your placed order we will transfer this information to our Dispute Department and the issue will be resolved within the shortest terms. If you open a dispute on the order the future revisions are not possible.
  3. Your order has been delivered after your deadline passes. First, we need to identify what the reason for a delay was:
    • In case the order lateness is our fault the customer may request the price to be recalculated. For instance, if you placed an order for 4 hours deadline and received it more than 17 minutes later than the deadline you are able to request your price recalculation according to 8 hours deadline and price difference to be refunded to you. In case your order’s deadline is 7 days or more we are able to issue 10% of the total payment as per your request. Kindly, note that under certain circumstances we are forced to ask our customers for the deadline extension. However, we contact our customers in advance regarding such cases so to be sure that the order will be delivered to the customer during the comfortable for him/her time.
    • If we were not provided with all the needed materials for the work to be completed (files, clarifications, sources etc.) refund for your order is not possible because the lateness with the paper is not under our responsibility. Please, note that we are asking our customers to provide writers with the necessary clarifications and files on time to avoid misunderstandings and lateness.
  4. You have requested a revision and the revised paper has been delivered late. If the revised work was delivered to you later than the deadline, which you indicated, you are able to request 15% refund for this. In case the paper has been sent to you later than 30 minutes after the deadline you are free to open a dispute on this case (please, note that revisions will not be possible after dispute opening). Our Dispute Manager will examine your refund request and provide the customer with the appropriate decision on the case. Kindly, consider that every case is personal and requires personal approach.
  5. The quality of your paper is not satisfactory. In some cases the customers have concerns about quality of their completed order. Remember that every case depends on the numerous factors and, thus, is very individual. Here are possible solutions to the quality claim:
    • The customer has checked the first preview version of a work and has not approved it so far. In such situation you have an opportunity to request unlimited number of free revisions within 10 days after the order’s delivery. Also, you are able to open a dispute on the order and you will get it reviewed by our Manager. We will be able to issue up to 100% refund to you in case our Manager will verify that your mentioned instructions were not followed and the crucial mistakes were made. Kindly, be notified that dispute request review by the Manager takes up to 10 days as we need proper time for its careful examination in order to elude the fraud activity among the customers. Each case is studied individually and the solutions are suggested basing on the chief factors.
    • The customer received the final version of the paper and approved it. In this situation the full refund of the payment made is not possible as the customer’s approval means your satisfaction with the completed and delivered paper. However, in the particular cases you are able to request 30% refund for the order.
    • You have received the completed paper but would like to get your money back. You are able to open a dispute on your order in this situation. Please, note that you must provide us with the convincing and reasonable points for requesting the refund.
    • The customer wants to cancel the order. The refund in such situation depends on the factors of the progress of an order and on how much time passed. In case you ask your order to be canceled before we assigned the writer for it we are able to refund the whole amount of payment to you. If the writer has been assigned and less than the half of your deadline passed you are able to receive up to 70% of money paid. In case more than half of the deadline passed you are eligible for getting up to 30% of payment back. If the writer managed to complete your paper before the deadline and delivered it to you no refund is possible for the order.
    • The customer wants to get refund for additional features. The additional features provided by our service are the category of writer, editor’s service, Turnitin report, and summary of the paper. Please, be notified that the additional features are not eligible for refund. The only possible case is getting refund for the category of the writer in case we have not assigned the writer for your order yet.
    • Plagiarism was detected in your paper. In case you claim that your paper has been plagiarized you are able to dispute the order if you can provide us with the plagiarism or similarity report from Turnitin or your university. Please, be notified that no other reports are accepted.

If you have questions, face any issue or would like to get assistance regarding your case, feel free to contact us at any time. We will do our best to provide you with the necessary details regarding our service and resolve the issues effectively.

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