How to Get Motivated to Do Homework?



Can you imagine the ideal world where students are in a hurry to get home as quickly as possible to start doing their homework immediately? If, instead of an affirmative answer, a tear has been falling on your face, then apparently this ideal world exists only in your dreams. Just like easy homework.

For any student to get motivated to do homework and begin to study well is a challenging task. There are too many temptations around.

The decision not to do homework isn’t an option as well. Of course, you can use the writing services, visit and find the best homework done for you. But the gap in knowledge caused by lack of motivation to do homework will affect your future negatively. Therefore, a reasonable option would be to force yourself to do your homework or let’s say “get motivated” to accomplish this task. But how to do it right – read in today's article.

Get Motivated: Internal and External Types

The very first question you should ask yourself: “For WHOM do I do this?” If the answer is “make other people happy” or “make them love or be prouder of you”, then you got the wrong source of getting motivated!

You need to comprehend that the wrong motivation carries out projects that are impossible to accomplish. External factors imply getting motivated outside, and other people will not help to achieve your goals. Something more is needed. The strongest push forward is possible when only YOU want to achieve your goal. Sounds too easy? Don’t overestimate yourself.

Of course, internal motivation may not be enough. Often you need someone who could push you at the most difficult moment, re-inspire and support. Homework requires getting motivated inside by means of the inner world.

By the way, such an assistant could be the service to achieve goals such as LifeTick. Here you can share your experience regarding overcoming obstacles and also find and read the stories of other people. If you also experience difficulties with getting motivated, then do not be lazy to go to their website and publish your first goal.

Get Motivated to Do Homework: Preparation Stage

The most common mistake of modern students is hidden in the fact that when they come home, they sit down at the computer. But before embarking on homework, you should thoroughly prepare your workplace to get motivated properly. It is necessary to remove all the unnecessary objects that may distract the student from the main business. Agree, it is better to find a more suitable place for getting motivated. In order to achieve complete silence in the room, it is recommended to close the door, turn off the phone, TV, computer and eliminate other annoying factors. Then it will be much easier to focus on the homework. As practice shows, even a three-minute conversation on the phone leads to a dispersion of attention for half an hour. And it is not a reason to get motivated.

It is important to note that the choice of a workplace has a huge impact on the efficiency of the process. Every student should try to find his corner. While some students are accustomed to doing their homework at a desk, others prefer to go to the library or sit comfortably on their favorite couch. It is their way to become more motivated. Generally, there is no universal recipe for choosing a suitable place – the main thing is that it must be comfortable.

Get Motivated to Do Homework and Set a Clear Goal

  • No generalizations. Only specifics and terms. For instance, your homework may encompass learning 1000 French words per week or increase the speed of reading or blind typing at 100 characters per minute during the month.
  • Break the goal into parts. Moving in small steps is easier and more motivated than forcefully. Are you working on a final thesis? It is not necessary to write all sections at once – it would be better to consider one question per day. So, you will write your thesis on time, save your nerves and strength. And after writing each section, you will be more motivated to continue working.

Moreover, you can come up with a reward system for doing homework successfully. In order to achieve the main goal, buy something expensive. After doing the small stages, do not forget to reward yourself as well. This will enhance the chances to get motivated to study.

What do you get as a result? Think about the benefits of a particular skill. For example, knowledge of French will automatically increase potential income, give an opportunity to attend international conferences, or maybe it will make you motivated to launch own courses. The guy who plays the guitar well usually gets more attention from the girls. It is a reason to become more motivated to enroll in courses, isn't it?

What happens if nothing is done? What will you lose and what will change if you don’t do your homework? Nothing. And this is the worst outcome.

Don’t Overload with Homework: Get Motivated to Do It Fast


Many books


Strong stress undermines the nerves seriously, which obviously contributes to decreasing the effectiveness of training.

What does it mean to get motivated in psychology? This is the urge to seek or perform any action. What is your interest in studying? What are the benefits of new skills? Answer these questions honestly and you will not be stopped.

Associative Method to Get Motivated to Do Homework

You, probably, noticed that many students in your group write down all information not with a solid text, but with the use of various markers and quotes during the lectures. And they are motivated to continue working.

Their recorded lectures often represent not just several pages of the professor's handwritten phrases, but a whole masterpiece of art: all the crucial information is written in a different color, the dates are highlighted in various tables. Everything is just motivated to be remembered as quickly as possible. There are a lot of underlines and selections with a marker or other ink in the text.

Do you think that they are just doing nonsense?! Wrong! These students turn a boring lecture into an interesting lesson, motivated class, or even an art masterpiece. In addition, it will be easier for them to remember the information at home while doing homework.

To make homework more interesting and comfortable, buy copybooks with beautiful covers, keep comfortable and bright notebooks and use colorful stickers to remind you that you are quite motivated to continue working. From time to time, use pens whose ink smells, it will also lift your spirits, and when you open a notebook you will remember not only your duties and homework, but also some tasty fruits or chewing gums.

Time-Management for Homework: Get Motivated to Do Everything on Time




Try to find the best mode for studying and relaxing. It will contribute to getting motivated to do homework on time. Let’s say it is a schedule: firstly, you can relax after classes, eat something tasty or even take a nap. Then you can do homework, and go for a walk or go to the club in the evening. Thus, you always know that you need to do your homework at this time. Do not be afraid to experiment with your mode, as you will not force someone to study right after the classes. And remember that everyone has own way to become motivated to succeed in homework.

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