Terms and Conditions

The terms “Company”, “We” and “Our” are used referring to the company Bluebird Consulting Service.

The term “Website” is used in reference to Homeworkneeded.com

When you see the words “Customer”, “You” and “Your” they are used concerning the person who is making a purchase from our website, placing an order and gets familiar with the policies stated on this website. The customer is confirming that the policies will be followed and that he or she keeps the responsibility for the order placed and the choices made.

The word “Product” is used in a reference to the papers, essays and other assignments completed by the company in accordance to the customer’s instructions and purchased by him or her. The products are delivered via email or uploaded to the customer’s personal page.

“Order” is referred to the information indicated in the order form by the customer that provides the company with the requirements for the desired product. The customer’s responsibility is to provide our company with clear instructions for the order’s successful completion. The orders are placed by filling in the order form after clicking “Order Now” button at our button. We do not accept orders via phone, email or live chat.

The services we provide:

When placing the order with our company you are able to select the necessary type of service. We offer such services as writing from scratch, business writing, rewriting, editing and proofreading types of services.

We do oblige our customers that are going to make an order to learn our Policies before placing the order. Please, check our Money Back Policy, Revision Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions in order to avoid misunderstanding in future and be able to use our website without any interruptions and effectively. After you get familiar with our policies the payment for the order is being processed.

Acceptance of Terms:

All the customers of Homeworkneeded.com are welcome to learn our policies and terms and conditions, as well to ask any questions if there is any assistance needed. In this agreement all the terms and conditions, which the customer will face during using our services, are explicated. Here is the full Agreement between our Company and the Customer is stated. You confirm that you are familiar with all the policies and notifications, terms and conditions of Homeworkneeded.com with the agreement.

Modifying, Editing and Removing Parts of the Agreement

Our company has a right to modify or change the terms and conditions if any new requirements are implied. We are able to publish the new points of this agreements, policy or terms and conditions at any time. If you continue to use our website you are obliged to check all the notification, updates to be familiar with the changes made and to deal with the agreement acceptance.

License and Site Access

The customers of Homeworkneeded.com are allowed to use the website having a limited license for accessing this site and for making personal purchases. Our company’s customers are not allowed to change and modify the website without personal written permission from our company. The website and its content are not allowed to reproduce, copy, sell, resell or use for any other commercial aims. To take any actions or make any changes you must get a written permission from the company’s director.

The customer does not have permission to download the account information or copy it for his or her personal benefits.

The Information Accuracy, Promptness and Integrity

Homeworkneeded.com is not responsible for the updating of the information at our website in time. We post the information at our website for general purpose and the customer uses the materials at his own risk. Our website may contain the historical information that can appear outdated at the moment of your using of the website. We do have a right to refresh the information at any time. The company is not responsible for renovating and sending the notifications to the customers as the clients are obliged to monitor the modifications by their own.

Product description and pricing:

The product prices are posted in the certain pricing section. To get familiar with the prices for our products and services the customer should check the necessary points in the sections called “Our Prices” or “Pricing”. All the prices are indicated per page and are retail, fixed and cannot be modified. Nevertheless, we are glad to provide our customers with the discount under certain circumstances. Some of the products have different price than the one indicated in our price list. If such situation happens we, certainly, contact our customers immediately and inform about possible mistake with the price and get or provide further instructions for additional payment or order’s cancellation.

The error-free, compete and accurate description of the products on the website is not guaranteed. In case the offered item differs from its description the customer is obliged to request a revision. To get more information about our revision rules, please, check the Revision Policy section.

Links and Framings

Our customers do not have any right to use our logo, content or any other illustrative and graphic information. The customer is not allowed to use the pictures or trademarks of our website with the exception of getting special permission from our company’s director. The company’s private information usage is prohibited and regulated by the company’s policies.

We are not in authority for the third parties’ actions that are accessible directly, indirectly by our website’s hyperlinks, as well as for the content, quality, and nature of them. Also, we do not have any responsibility for any websites that contain links to our company’s website. The customer agrees with the terms and conditions that our company is not responsible for the available websites and other resources of the third parties, as well as their content, links, updates and modifications to this kind of content. The customer always accesses the external sites at his or her own risk.

Warranties of our company:

Customer confirms that he or she is familiar with the information stated in this Agreement below by placing the order with our website:

  • We do cite and reference all the sources for order completion accordingly;
  • The referencing styles of the products are MLA, Chicago, Turabian, APA, Harvard etc.
  • The freelance writers are completing the papers and all the works are under the property of our company.
  • The customer confirms the payment for the provided services by making an order with us. The services, which are typically provided by Homeworkneeded.com, are: gathering, performing, searching, editing, proofreading, and delivering the materials.
  • You are not permitted to change, deliver, reproduce, create derivative papers or publish the products of the company as well as copying the content of our website.
  • The customers agrees and confirms the deleting the materials purchased from our company once they are received and used for reference or research. The customers do not have a right to use the works for their own benefits, make copies and distribute the works.


The customer is using the website at his/her own risk. The basis of the website provided by the company is “as available” or “as is”. The company has a right to limit or restrict the customer’s access to the website due to certain reasons at any time. The company disclaims for any warranties whether they are implied or express, not limited and the warranties that our site’s material appears non-infringing, also, the warranties which are implied from performance course and dealing course. Our company manifestly disclaims that you can access the web-site at any time error-free and not interruptedly, that our website is secure, the server and the website are free of viruses, also, the information provided on the website will be updated accurately and on time. The customer performs materials downloading from our website at his or her own risk. The customer is the only one responsible for the damage that was caused by any downloads from the site made to the computer, its system or data. We do guarantee that the material’s using is safe, however, if any damage happens only the customer takes the responsibility for it.

Rights of Corporate Intellectual Property

Hereby the customer is acknowledged that all the interests, rights and titles, together with the unlimited rights, are under Intellectual Property Rights, which belong to this website. Also, the customer as a party will not buy any right, interest or title of this website with exclusion of those that were expressly stated in the Agreement. The customer confirms that no modifications to the website’s content will be made by him/her as well as no any actions with documentations or software will take place for same service creation.


By making a purchase from this website the customer confirms that he or she will not reveal any information obtained from our company or from our customers and other website’s representatives. The website’s information published or given is under the property of our company solely.

The customer’s information is completely confidential; we do guarantee that we do not share it with any third parties. This is confirmed with this agreement.

Rights Non-Assignment:

The customer’s personal account with our website is not assigned to any third person. The company can allocate any person to this Agreement without a notification any time.


This agreement between the Company and the Customer is considered as in progress while customer is entering the website, placing the order, reading the information posted at the website and reviews the content for his or her personal purposes. No renouncement by any of the parties of a violation is considered as a renouncement of a future or previous violation of any provision.

Terms Severability:

If any of the provisions of stated Terms and Conditions is counted as not valid or not enforceable because of the judicial decision or decree, this provision is assumed for implying with the greatest extent permitted by law. The remainder of Terms and Conditions is considered to be valid according to the meanings of it.

Email Agreement

The customer agrees to receive email notifications about the orders, special offers and other information. The customer’s email address will not be shared to any of the third parties. You have an opportunity to unsubscribe from our email notifications at any time.

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