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To answer this question correctly, we should take a small break and then get a bit deeper into the very idea of essays. No matter what type of a paper you need to write, you can divide it into three main parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion.

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The essay intro should contain a short overview of the topic: definition of key words or explanation of the author’s perception or attitude to the issue. This part of a paper mentions the main aspects of the topic you are going to touch upon in your essay, and the reasons why to choose exact aspects.

Another critical point: remember that an essay is not a novel. Touch only a couple main arguments that describe the issue. An introductory part should clearly explain what will be discussed. Your professor wished to see that you are going to answer a bunch of questions in the paper.

The main body is the part to muse over every argument. It is fine to use examples, descriptions, illustrative words. The information should be logically structured (that is why paragraphs are necessary). Think about the whole structure in advance. The main body should lead to the essay’s conclusion smoothly.

The main body allows students to show the level of their knowledge and understanding of the chosen topic. Use all the data that looks suitable, based on the type of a paper, and follow the requirements set for the text: statistical figures, arguments, experiments, predictions, even some philosophical thoughts and personal experience if it is necessary. Everything is good for the main body if the topic correlates with arguments and descriptions.

Conclusion summarizes all the above-expressed ideas. This is the part of a paper where the teacher expects to see the answer to the question put into the topic of the paper, or to read about consequences and perspectives of the problem considered.

In addition, if your personal thoughts are supported by arguments and facts mentioned earlier in the paper, it is fine to express them in the conclusion along with the answers to the related questions.

Professors say that the conclusion is the most important part of a paper. Here students show that they really understand the issue well and can come up with effective solutions.

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