Why Do We Need Homework?

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Why do we need homework? Why so much? Why so hard? Many students and pupils ask such kinds of questions. And no one has an idea of why we need these awful tasks. Moreover, nowadays we have two groups of people: one group supports homework, and another one is against such kind of activity.

It is not a secret that modern times propose too many variants of how to avoid doing awful homework. For instance, if we need to complete the historical task, we visit https://homeworkneeded.com/history-homework-help, or if we need an essay, we can contact the best writing service online easily. Anyway, there are too many ways to escape from reality. But what are the consequences of such actions? And what are the reasons which will contribute to the need to do homework? Let’s find out.

We Need Homework: Patience Is a Lost Art

The old proverb hides the main secret of learning something. Look at the little ones. An adult needs to repeat the name of the object or show the principle of its operation several times in order to make children remember something.

When a student starts studying, the flow of information that he processes increases many times. The student needs to sift unnecessary information, select and memorize only the most important one. Arbitrary memory will come in handy here.

Homework is aimed at training the comparison and analysis process. In addition, the constant repetition of the material will translate it from short-term memory to long-term one.

As a result, the process of doing homework allows you to stimulate the process of thinking and understand the material. There are a few more arguments in favor of updating the information received:

  • A student develops the memory, new neural connections are formed.
  • There is a focus on the object being studied.
  • The already acquired knowledge is being deepened and verified.
  • The systematization of the information received.
  • Acquiring automatism skills.
  • The selected data is remembered.
  • Determined incomprehensible places in the covered material.

We Need Homework to Stimulate a Sense of Responsibility

A sense of responsibility is an inner sense of duty to take the consequences of some actions and a willingness to be responsible for these.

The sense of responsibility of a particular person may be in one area as well as be absent (not expressed) in another. A person can be solely responsible for duties at work and at the same time, he isn’t responsible for things that relate to health, destiny, and life. Anyway, a sense of responsibility is reliability, the willingness of a person to honestly and diligently fulfill agreements and their responsibilities, plus the willingness to pay for mistakes.

How is homework connected with the responsibility? There are three components of responsibility: an understanding of the task, agreement to perform this task and self-motivation.

Understanding the task involves knowing what needs to be done and how to do it. What may seem lazy or irresponsible from outside may actually be the result of a misunderstanding of the task. In this case, homework is a clear task that needs to be done. And if the student understands this, therefore, the first element of responsibility is fulfilled to the full extent. Accepting the task already requires not just obedience, but the feeling of duties. Homework covers several types which students need to agree.

The ability to independently motivate their own actions is of great importance for people. Students need to make decisions in their own way. It is important to help them develop the ability to self-discipline, the ability to see the prospect. By the way, the ability to make decisions independently comes gradually – over the years, with experience. And homework occupies a significant place in this process. What is more important – it is a long-lasted process.

The Need to Develop Logical and Creative Thinking by Doing Homework

The effective work of the brain is important at any age, but it is worth developing logical and creative thinking from a very young age. Think of the brain as a muscle: training makes your muscles stronger, but if you stop exercising, your muscles will weaken. That is why it is so important to start brain training in early childhood. And the need to do homework performs this function.

There are several options for defining thinking:

  • The highest stage of assimilation and processing by a person of information, the establishment of causal relationships between objects of reality.
  • The process of displaying the explicit properties of objects and, as a consequence, the creation of ideas about the surrounding reality.

This is a process of cognition of reality, which is based on the knowledge gained, the constant replenishment of the baggage of ideas and concepts.

Doing homework contributes to all these stages. As you know, homework implies various kinds of tasks: remembering facts, writing an essay, etc. Obviously, a particular task of homework needs a specific skill.

By the way, thinking becomes more abstract in high school while doing a particular kind of homework. At the same time, the development of concrete-figurative thinking is also observed, especially under the influence of the study of fiction.

While learning the basics of science, students learn the systems of scientific concepts, each of which reflects one of the sides of reality. The formation of concepts is a long process, depending on the level of generalization and their abstractness.

There are several levels at mastering concepts: as they develop, students are getting closer to the essence of the subject. Therefore, it is easier to generalize and relate individual concepts to each other.

We Need Homework to Improve Memory


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Definitely, homework contributes to improving our memory. By accomplishing various kinds, we train our memory, which has a positive impact on our future.

Why do we need good memory? The answer is obvious. Thanks to memory, a human is enriched with knowledge due to things or phenomena he has already survived. As a result, his consciousness is not limited to feelings and actions, which he has been undergoing at a particular moment. We remember our thoughts, keep in mind the notions we have about things and the laws of their existence. Memory allows us to use these concepts to organize future actions and behaviors.

If a person did not have a memory, his thinking would be very limited, since it would be carried out only on the material obtained in the process of direct perception.

Obviously, we all know how well homework contributes to improving our memory. As you can see, our future needs to be fulfilled by our efforts.

We Need Homework to Develop Self-Dependence.

Do you know the feeling of insecurity, because of which you miss a lot of opportunities? Can’t you make a decision or take care of something on your own? Do you need external control and support?

The reason for the mentioned above question is simple – lack of self-dependence. But do you know that homework contributes to developing the level of self-dependence as well? No? Now you know it and understand the need for it. By accomplishing the task, we increase the level of comprehension that we need to do it by ourselves. Of course, we can ask for help, but the key action needs to be done independently.

Therefore, as you can see, homework brings a lot of advantages which have a strong positive influence on our future. 

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