9 Best College Life Hacks for Studying

College life hacks


The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, but the willingness to learn is a choice. The team of experts in custom papers will disclose and reveal some college life hacks that will significantly make your life easier, help you be among the toppers, and get those As without putting in all the grueling work because there are ways around it. So, keep on reading.


College Life Hack #1: The Note-Taking Squad

There is such a thing as forming a reading group at the beginning of the semester to reduce the amount of effort you have to put into reading those chunky one hundred and twenty chapters of history books. Divide the chapters amongst your friends so when the midterm comes, you will have a word document with all the information in there. You need to worry only about your chapters from 1 to 5. In such a simple way, you can focus on other things like writing papers, assignments, and tests.


College Life Hack #2: It Does Get Easier

Do not get discouraged in the first months of college life. Basically, everything is new for you – new concepts, new environments, even new words. That plays into your stress and anxiety level. The amount of info you have been bombarded with is enormous. When you used to thirty minutes or one-hour classes, two-hours lectures will be hard to survive. But we guarantee you, the best grades are yet to come when you will know the basics and be comfortable with your environment. It is just a question of habit.


College Life Hack #3: Seconds to Organization

One of the worst stressors, when you are going to study for college finals, is organizing and getting together all the material you have to study. Your paper will be scattered all over the place. Take literally two minutes either after the class or when you come home from college and if you have notes on a different piece of paper, put it in your organizer after the last lecture. So, when you have to study for exams, you will open your organizer or a Word document and read all in order.


College Life Hack #4: Speed Reading


Life hacks for college


The average speeding read is 150 to 250 words per minute. The average talking speed is about the same. So, if you want to increase your reading speed (let’s face it, you have enough to read in college), try to not read in your mind. Something called “subvocalization”. What researches suggest you do is that instead of focusing on and pronouncing each word, you have to focus on the big idea of what you are trying to read. This is a bit complicated to explain and even more complicated to do but what is stopping you from trying? Learn more about the techniques of speed reading here.


College Life Hack #5: Study Date Promise

We strongly encourage you to dedicate one morning, evening or an entire day to college assignments. No matter what happens during the week, you will never switch your study day for anything else. That will calm you down during the week and reassure you that if anything were to happen, you always have that full day reserved for studying.


College Life Hack #6: Mind Map Your Chapters

After you finish reading each chapter, you just relax a bit, take 5 minutes and from your memory try to draw a mind map of the key concepts and overall scenario of what you remembered from that chapter using colors and illustrations. This revision technique also serves as a great feedback and memorization technique. If it is still hard for you to understand the topic or an assignment, a cheap essay writer will cover your back!


College Life Hack #7: Planning Is Not a Waste of Time

Remember, taking time to open your agenda, journal or a blank piece of paper and planning out what you are about to do is not wasting your time. It is how you develop a habit, structure your tasks in the head and make yourself actually do them.


College Life Hack #8: Deeper Meaning

It will help you significantly with topics that you have a really hard time to understand. For example, you are a college student of a medical faculty and if you can’t grasp the cell division or Huntington's disease, look it up on different sources (YouTube, magazines, etc.). You will absorb so much more information. And when you see the person with that disorder or listen to a clear explanation of a professional, you will internalize it and form a deeper meaning. It is two different things – looking at a disorder name on a piece of paper and listing all the symptoms versus seeing a person with Huntington's disease.


College Life Hack #9: Your Mind Might Say “No” But Your Body Should Say “Yes”

You might never be motivated or feel like studying, doing heavy work or working out. Your mind is going to try to justify, skipping or going around what you have to do. For example, when you have to wake up early in the morning, your mind will start to overthink and be like “do I really have to get up?”, “five more minutes”, “I can do this another day”. As your mind is making up all these thoughts, your body is already out of bed, getting dressed, heading to the kitchen.Not to listen to the voice in your head is hard, it takes practice, but it is all the question willpower.


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