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The price for your desired order will depend on the certain constituents which are indicated in the order form by the customer. Therefore, we encourage you to be attentive while filling in the form in order to get the correct quote. Check out the following points that make your price:

Type of service:

There are several types of service to select and they are the factor, which determines the future cost of your paper mostly.

For instance, when you choose writing from scratch type of service, which is the most popular one you should expect to get the paper written from zero with your instructions followed. The points which matter in this case are the number of pages, deadline and the academic level of yours.

Also, there are options for rewriting, editing, proofreading and business writing.

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Additional services:

Though the additional services are not the most important components in the order form they can influence the price quote to a certain extent. Here is the list of the extras, which you can order and be sure about the high quality of writing:

  • Writer’s sample: the service to get one of the previous writer’s works in order to check their writing manner, level, language proficiency etc.
  • Turnitin report: it can be ordered when you are willing to have a proof your paper’s rate of similarity.
  • Editor’s service: provide the customer of additional editing conducted by our professional editor after the paper is completed.
  • Category of the writer: you can make sure that only the best professionals are working on your orders selecting Top or ENL writer’s category.
  • Summary: get the order of yours summarized in one page for the special price.

Additional services

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Deadline High school College University Master's

All EU and UK clients will be charged VAT (Value Added Tax), which is charged by the government tax institutions

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