Student Effectiveness Guide: 10 Tips on Doing Homework Well writers show certain methods to concentrate on doing homework, especially if tasks are difficult, dull and routine.


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Tip 1. Doing Homework is Better with Comfortable Schedules


You probably noticed that you are able to concentrate on doing homework at the certain time of the day. Mostly, students feel it difficult for them to do tasks between 12 and 16 PM. It is exactly the moment they think there is no way for them to go in for doing homework to complete it well enough.

The best time for humans to deal with workloads is in morning hours: the brain has already awakened, the stomach got the breakfast potion and blood got a portion of cortisol – the hormone making a human act.

You can have your personal schedule: do homework in the morning or in the evening. The point is to know your peak activity period and use it.

Tip 2. Do not Distract when Doing Homework

While doing homework, students frequently check their email box or open social media profiles “automatically”: it takes a lot of time. To save this time and spend it working, just watch after what you do. If you are worried about missing an important email, here is another tip on doing homework: set the desktop email notifications. If to do so, you’ll know the email arrived to the mailbox at once.

Tip 3. Make Breaks when Doing Homework

Even if you are a great student who loves studying, it is sometimes very difficult to do homework during several hours in a row with no rest. To avoid losing concentration (and the interest about studying, too) do short breaks. A perfect break is a short walk in a park with fresh air.

Tip 4. Forget about Multitasking

Multitasking is an overhyped ineffective trend, especially when it comes to doing homework. Human brains can process several tasks at a time, but it does that badly. If you have much homework to do, make a task list ordered according to their importance and keep up with the plan.

Tip 5. Try Doing Things You Like

If tasks given by the professor are dull, students usually stop caring about the quality of their works and complete homework “just because”. But sometimes, even the dullest task ever can turn into an involving quest. For instance, try thinking out an essay topic which is connected with your beloved hobby, movie, videogame, person, or anything. Turning homework tasks into interesting challenges is easier than you think. All you need is to use some of your fantasy.

Tip 6. Train Attention to Do Homework Better

The tip for the future: train your attention using all the available ways. Go in for special exercise taking 10 to 15 minutes per day. Try meditating. Try having frequent rest breaks and giving your brain the possibility to switch from homework to something more pleasant and useful. It is your choice what to do here.

Tip 7. Chew Gums

Yes, this tip may sound strange, but researches show that chewing gums increase the amount of oxygen flowing to brain parts your attention depends on. Regular gum chewing does not only let you do homework better, but improves your long-term memory and gives additional energy by increasing the level of insulin in blood.

Tip 8. Use Concentration Techniques

The Pomodoro technique, for instance, is called to help you avoid procrastination and to increase your productivity level by setting a strict schedule: 25 minutes of working activity interchanged with 5-minute long breaks. Try using this technique while doing your homework or surf the web to find more suitable ones. Or create your personal concentration algorithm and tell the world about your concentration tip. Everything counts.

Tip 9. Create the Working Zone to Do Homework

Let’s make it clear: the author of the article you are reading had been a student feeling bored with doing homework and refusing to listen to any tips, too. How frequently do you try to do your homework tasks without getting out of the bed? You know that: holding a laptop on your knees while half-lying on the sofa, etc. Get rid of this habit and just try organizing a workspace: a comfortable table with a laptop and necessary books somewhere in the corner of the dorm room or your apartment. It will help with doing your homework for sure, at least because you won’t wish to fall asleep right in the middle of the process.


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Tip 10. Know what You Are Doing it for


Students usually perceive doing homework as an obligation: the professor will get angry and put bad marks if they fail passing the task on time. In fact, college and university professors don’t really care how you do homework. They just estimate what you’ve done to improve your knowledge through completing homework tasks. Just know that you complete homework not for the professor but for yourself.

Our final tip is quite simple: every homework task you are doing at a random moment of time makes you slightly better in your chosen profession and career. Understand that and invest into your future success.

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