Essay on Working Hard: Ways of Becoming Workaholic


Sooner or later the idea that it is time to grow up and get a job comes to your mind. The reasons can be different: a desire to earn money, gain experience, gain new knowledge or simply prove that you are a genius. The main thing is your desire and attitude. So, imagine: you have made a serious decision and started looking for your first job. A million thoughts are swarming in your head: where do I start? Where and how to find work? And where to look for help with college homework? Maybe it is too early to build a career? Relax! It is normal if you ask such questions. It is worse if these questions do not arise in your head. Where to find the answers? Keep on reading this essay, and let your start be successful.

Write Essay to Work Hard

First of all, you have to determine why you want to become a workaholic. Generally, the reasons for such a decision could be various (they have been mentioned above). However, this step implies not only listing the factors that have contributed to your decision to start building a career, but also your familiarization with a process of analyzing.

What does it mean? According to French experts, writing is considered as the best method of analyzing things as it possesses the features that allow our brain to focus on one particular thing. Therefore, while writing a paper about the thing that concerns you, you are inclined to analyze this process or phenomenon more precisely and accurately.

On this matter, all you need to do to is to write a short essay (or it can be a thesis paper − you are not limited in this sphere) about your comprehension of the word “workaholic” and the reasons why you need to work hard. After that, you will be able to perceive the issue more consciously.


Why do we come back to the reasons? The answer is simple: they are important for determining goals, and everything will depend on them. For example, if you have decided to work in order to gain experience, you need to consider the specialty at the university and interests. The first work, in this case, will be unpaid: you can start with an internship and a possible prospect of employment.

By the way, do not be afraid of unpaid internships, as it is a great chance to get into a prestigious company, get good recommendations and an invaluable experience.

If the reason to work hard is the desire to earn money, then you will have to choose among standard student options: sales consultant, waiter, cashier, etc. However, it is impossible to find a well-paid job if you do not have an experience and higher education − be ready for it. Although you may be lucky.

Moreover, there is an option to start making your bread if you have some talents or hobbies. For example, if you are a photographer or a professional dancer. Think about it.

What About Age?

Everyone starts to work at a different age: someone is working from school, and someone is waiting for the graduation from the university. The decision when to start working falls on your shoulders: you need to weigh all the pros and cons. Below are the general rules and laws that work in most of the European countries:

If you are under 18, you should know that according to the labor legislation in most of the countries, teenagers can work no more than 24 hours a week (if you are under 16) and starting from 16 to 18 years old you can work not more than 36 hours. Be careful: do not let yourself be exploited. Moreover, minors are allowed to work only with the written consent of one of the parents, so do not forget to ask your mother or father.

Students have to pay attention to the form of education. If you have classes during the whole day, obviously you cannot work full-time. Therefore, look for vacancies with a flexible schedule − it is the only chance to combine your studies and work.

Where to Look for Vacancies?

Job Sites

Everything is much simpler than it may seem. There are special sites, where you can find a job. All these sites have filters that allow you to refine the search parameters. Set the necessary criteria, and the job, which you have been dreaming about, will be found by itself.

If you are not aware of what sites I am talking about, do not panic. Go here and find out as much as possible.

How to Make a CV?

After having read millions of job offers on all sorts of sites, you finally have found the right option. What to do next? Send a resume that must be previously placed on the site. The guides how to publish it are written in the instructions − it is very simple, and you can do it. Much more important is to write an appropriate CV, because you have no experience how to do it.

So, what to write? Write about all your merits. If you are good at math or speak Spanish fluently, the employer must know about it. Of course, it is not necessary to write about all your achievements starting from junior school − it is not interesting to anyone, believe me. Assess your achievements sensibly and try to identify the most important ones. Do not forget to indicate how many hours you can work per week and write about the desired schedule of work. Show yourself in the best light, but be extremely honest.

Job Interviews

So, you have found an interesting job, sent a CV ... and you have been invited for an interview. Panic! What to wear, what to say, how to behave? Calm down. The main thing is to be yourself, do not pretend or lie.

Behave calmly, do not fuss. Listen to the employer carefully and try to answer the questions as fully as possible. At the end of the conversation, you can ask several questions in order to show your interest.

As for clothes, you need to consider the company's corporate culture. If they have an office dress code, dress appropriately.

What About Studies?


As I have said earlier, if you have classes during the whole day, the work should not interfere with this process. But if you have time that could be spent on useful things − go on. At first, it can be difficult, but if you manage it, you will get excellent management skills, learn how to plan your life, arrange homework assignment help, get work experience, and will take on the world. Remember: the more you do, the more you manage. Do not give up while achieving your goal, do not back down from challenges, and then you will succeed. Good luck!

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