Paper on Singapore: Earthly Heaven


It does not look like any other megalopolis of the world. It is not noisy, hectic or dusty. It does not try to catch you and get you involved into a crazy circular flow. It is covered with a beautiful blue sky, full of light clouds that look like a miracle. This city is not rude or naughty. It just knows that it is the most incredible city in the world, but just like a well-bred guy, it does not flaunt. It smiles delicately; it drives you crazy gently, and it whispers, “Relax. Take it easy.”

Where is music? Where are fanfares? Where are crazy people wearing bright clothes? Where are contrasts? No one is in a hurry and no one tries to impress anybody. It may seem weird, but still, it is real. At one point, the thought that it is time to make this city wake up may come to your mind. But, suddenly, you start realizing that it is very comfortable to live in such a way. Singapore is harmonious, calm and simple. Why do we need to fuss? Singapore’s life is thought out to the smallest details. The tree creates a shadow in a place where it is needed. You meet a comfortable bench just at a time when you are tired. Are you thirsty? You can drink tap water. You do not have to think about necessary things all of them are at hand. Probably, it is heaven. Nevertheless, it is not a utopia, but a reality.

A Paper About Singapore Heavenly Delight

A few words mentioned above are just the first impressions. So, do not judge me. This original paper can be considered as a masterpiece of the dramatic genre. Singapore was the first Asian country that I visited, so obviously it had impressed me with its splendor and modernity.

I could not withstand the temptation to tell the world all the peculiarities and features of this magnificent Asian country. Therefore, I share my experience with all travel-addicted people on this planet. Regard it as a small essay that reveals the facts, traditions and my subjective opinion about Singapore and its residents. And if you’re already thinking of how to get away from your exams and travel to your dream place, I advise checking this college homework helper.

This paper has become a reflection of my soul. By the way, precisely because of the freedom, which is given by the essay form, I have decided to provide you with my experience and thoughts. So, enjoy my personal heavenly delight.

Welcome to the Garden City


The train without a driver brings you through the most contemporary city in the world. Obviously, you might expect to see glass and plastic everywhere (as these materials have become the indicators of modernity and high technology), but even skyscrapers are covered with greens in this city. The row of lower buildings surrounds the skyscrapers, so that nothing can prevent you from seeing the beautiful sky with its sunsets and sunrises.

Equatorial climate has presented Singapore with great opportunities. It must be owned that Singapore makes a smart use of them. Parks are situated in all areas, whether it is a residential area or an administrative center. Moreover, every resident regards it as a mandate to plant a tree near the house or apartment. There are green zones even in the airport!

More often than not, usual green trees are considered as historical sights. Do I need to say a word or two about the Botanical Garden of UNESCO, where there are only more than two thousands of species of orchids?

People think globally in this small country. They comprehend the importance of nature in times of technology and gadgets. Therefore, they appreciate all its gifts and perceive nature as a true goddess.

Fines: Truth or a Lie?

Chewing Gum

Singapore should worry: despite the efforts made by its residents to create a lovely garden city, still, it is well-known for its huge fines. “Fine city” although it has a double meaning, the thought about the unbelievably huge amount of money comes to mind while correlating this phrase with Singapore. Indeed, everything is related: Singapore would not have become such a safe, beautiful and clean city without its fines.

Being on the right side of the law is rather a custom but not an obligation. Only tourists remember about laws, as residents of Singapore do not perceive them in such a way. Some of the classical laws are below:

  • it is forbidden to bring durian to the subway because of its awful smell
  • it is forbidden to chew gum at public places
  • it is forbidden to toss the garbage

Also, you can get fined if somebody finds water under a flower pot. Humidity attracts insects, and the government extirpates them with a particular emphasis. There is a belief that mosquitoes do not live in Singapore anymore. But it is only a belief…If you want to find out more laws, go here. You will be surprised by their abundance in Singapore.

Corporal punishments are still applied in this country. They are conducted by means of reed sticks and are applied for attempted murder, theft, rape and vandalism. The death penalty is applied for particularly cruel murder, drugs, corruption, treason and encroachment on the president’s life. Cruel? Maybe. But criminality is practically eradicated.

Singapore is not only the safest city but also the quietest one. There is a small number of cars, and most of them are electronic.

By the way, if you want to purchase a vehicle, you have to undergo a number of procedures. First and foremost, you have to tender for getting a certificate of tenure. If you are lucky to get this one on your first try, you will have a right to possess a vehicle during the next ten years. After that period, you have to utilize the car (or at least sell it to other countries).

Only one word comes to my mind after reading these lines — ecology.

Chi Energy

While traveling around the world, Joseph Kipling wrote that Singapore was China's possession, - not a Great Britain’s like everyone was thinking at that time. Before becoming independent, Singapore was occupied by Japan. As you can see, Singapore has a mixture of many cultures and traditions that have influenced its way of life positively.

Singapore has four official languages: English, Putonghua, Malay, and Tamil languages. English is a must for learning at all schools and universities, however, most of the residents speak other languages fluently too. All homework is also done in two languages — it helps to master English faster. Obviously, all projects are done in English too.

Singapore cares about the future but, at the same time, honors the past. The colonial architecture is preserved in its proper form. By the way, this city is built in accordance with principles of Fengshui. Maybe it is a reason for its prosperity?

Hope, my paper has not fatigued you. These ones are only my impressions and my short essay about the magnificence of this city. I believe you will find your own ones after visiting this Asian country.

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