Waking Up Early: Is It Possible?

Sleeping Girl

A man can sleep 5-6 hours per day and feel absolutely great. Meanwhile, while you’re asleep until dinner, the world around is full of bright life and interesting opportunities! Morning rise shouldn’t be some kind of a torture. So how to implement a habit of waking up early? How to do this without violence against yourself? We are able to help!

Wake Up to the Good Music

Have you ever wondered that your unwillingness to get up in the morning appears because of the irritating sound of an alarm clock? Subconsciously, you associate this sound with something unpleasant. Moreover, they do not always correspond with your internal music. Download the ringtone that accompanies you throughout the day, in transport or during exercises. Believe us, the voice of your favorite artist is a much nicer note to start a day with. It can create a positive mood for a long time.

One More Minute!

Remember, in one, two or five minutes you will never sleep enough! So do not be fooled by the promise of the morning phrase: "Five more minutes for sleep and I will get up for sure". Typically, five minutes turn into ten, ten into fifteen, etc. Since you got out of bed to turn off an alarm clock, do not put it on the "later". Moreover, in any case of coming back under the warm cozy blanket with the idea that it is too early to be awaken, do not place the alarm clock next to you! This is a sure way to press a "Cancel" button every 10 minutes. Leave it a bit further from your bed, to get out of the bed and turn it off when needed.

Do Morning Exercises

This will help not only to wake up, but also make your body toned and energized at least for the next few hours. If you do not have neighbors who you are afraid to wake up, feel free to replace the exercises with the passionate dancing. Turn on your favorite music and dance as good as you can. After all, you do not care as no one sees!

Motivate Yourself

Girl Meets Sunrise

A serious argument in order to wake up early is the fresh air with the opportunity to see the sunrise. In the morning, when the streets are almost empty, without people and cars, it is better to walk in the park barefoot, go jogging, or just enjoy the silence. It also strengthens the health and sets the mood for the whole day! Try to tune into the positive! Plan something interesting for the day and think about it. Life is too short, so do not oversleep!

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