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They say that you are so many times a man, as many languages you know. It is not a secret that studying other languages is important in a present day world. They limit boundaries between nations and give each person lots of possibilities to work abroad and to get insight into other cultures. So, which languages are better to study and why?


It is not a secret for anyone that English is the most widely spread language, touching every aspect of life and being the only code to find out what is happening when you are traveling. Often looking for some information online requires good language skills, as well. Really, no matter where we look, English remains the leading international language. The challenge is that simply being able to speak English will not give you many possibilities to find a good job. In case you want to work with it, you will have to master it and speak fluently plus be an expert in another field, as well.


When it comes to the number of people who consider Chinese a native language, it is a leader due to the numerous population, but in reality there are not so many foreigners, whose knowledge of Chinese would be good enough to negotiate or make qualified translations. The main reason for that is because Chinese is very hard to study to the Intermediate level, and barely possible to make it perfect. The only helping piece of advice is to go to China for further education and live there for at least 2 years. Language environment will help you a lot, as you won’t learn it as fast as in motherland. Nowadays there are lots of scholarships, which can allow you to study in China almost for free.

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Spanish is thought to be one the most commonly spoken languages in the world after English. So, if you’re thinking of doing some business abroad, especially in the American Continent, you should learn it, because all of Central America and almost all South America speak Spanish.


Two thousand millions of people use this language to communicate. In the world of politics this language is much needed. It is a very popular language in Asia and North Africa, so if you are thinking of doing your business over there, you surely will need Arabic.


Russia is the biggest country in Asia and it welcomes lots of foreigners each year. The problem is that English is not very popular in Russia, so in order to understand local people or do your business or even study in Russia, you’ll have to learn Russian. Another problem is that Russian is a very difficult language. For those who have never learned it is going to be even harder than studying Chinese. The grammar of Russian language is very complicated and lexical material is rich. In order to speak good Russian you will have to spend at least 2 years in Russia.

In conclusion, it is surely better to know more than one language, as it can open new doors for you everywhere. Besides, if you love traveling, it is going to be much easier for you to ask for help or to live in certain country for quite long without essential problems. You should also remember that English is not very common in Asia and lots of people don’t understand it. So, if you are planning to stay in China, for example, it’s going to be hard for you to speak with local people.

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