Enhance Your Vocabulary: Tips and Hints

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At times, people who know several languages can`t express their opinion clearly using their mother tongue. It happens because mostly they don`t pay attention to improving and enlarging their native vocabulary and it is vain. Having a rich lexicon helps you to speak more persuasively, write articles faster and develop your creative imagination. It is especially significant for the students as they have to make speeches and create essays during their education. There are some tips which are useful for improving your vocabulary.

Read More Books

It is an exciting and almost effortless way to enrich your lexicon. Chose any kind of literature you like, but it is better to avoid cheap and poor in language ones. You should prefer classical works, as they usually include rare ancient words which you might not know. It`s a good idea to pay attention to poetry. Besides belles-lettres, you have to read different scientific books, it, of course, may sound unattractive but it will not only enrich vocabulary but also your knowledge in different spheres.

Newspapers and Journals

Try to read a newspaper every morning. That way you will meet in words in the report and be aware of the latest events. Choose magazines with the article on the subject you like the most. It`s no good to make yourself read about things you truly don`t like. If you go in for sports, buy special journals with articles mainly about famous athletes and competitions. 


Open a dictionary, choose about ten words and learn their meaning and pronunciation. You will enlarge your vocabulary very quickly if such procedure becomes an everyday ritual. From time to time, revise words you have already learned. For example, you can make a small test for yourself at the end of the month.

Involve Friends 

Suggest your friends join you in improving vocabulary. The task will become much easier as you can compete in the amount of learned words and help each other to check material. Thereby, boring things can be transformed into the funny and useful game.

Learn Latin

Many words have Latin or Greek roots, so, to understand their formation and meaning better, you can start learning Latin. Enter special courses or do it on your own, anyway, it is helpful if you can`t memorize certain words. No wonder that almost in every higher education institution, Latin is taught to students.

Use Games  

Your learning shouldn`t be humdrum, there are plenty ways to make it cheerful and more effective. Try to use associative memorizing; the point is in the selecting an association to the unknown word. Crosswords are definitely an enjoyable way to enlarge your lexicon. Create flash cards and put on each new word and picture for it. 

Communicate With People

Forget about abbreviations while chatting in social networks, write correctly and variously. Try to use things you have learned in real life; it will not allow you to forget them. Having a conversation with somebody, pay attention to the new words. 

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Write Articles

It is a pretty good idea to start writing short essays. You`ll have a necessity to find synonyms for words to avoid doublings. It also gives a possibility to train expressing your thoughts clearly and freely. 

Summing up, these tips are really good for one who tries to enlarge its vocabulary. However, don`t forget to rest: breaks are as important as the process of learning itself.

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