Happy School Life: 9 Rules

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The school is a significant period in your life as it takes too much energy and gives myriads of emotions. It is a place where you spend most of your time. Therefore, it is quite important to make this period unforgettable and awesome.

Unfortunately, not always school life may seem to be easy and attractive. Sometimes, these years turn into hard labor. It implies not only studying with its school essay and exams but also relations with your classmates. So if you aren’t pleased with school life, don’t panic. Everything will be different in this new academic year. Especially, if you follow our rules.

Rule 1

Get enough sleep. Yeah, we are those old grannies who tell you to go to the bed. Indeed, it is a significant part of healthy lifestyle. On this matter, your distraction and a bad mood can directly depend on the sleep duration.

Rule 2

Do sport as it brings vivacity and good mood. Also, it develops the brain’s activity and helps absorb new information. Moreover, doing sport has one additional benefit. It is a great bonus to have a figure like Vin Diesel or Victoria’s Secret angel, isn’t it? So, you can start with a short daily gymnastic.

Rule 3

Map out. Diary could help you to manage your time. If you learn to use it right now, you will seriously facilitate your life. The well-prepared schedule could help you to succeed in all affairs.

Rule 4

Oranges, Cherries and Apples

Remember to eat. During studying your brain needs extra nourishment. If you're too lazy to trudge to the school canteen, just take a lunch from home. But be careful! Watch your diet. It is always better to eat fruit or cereals instead of a chocolate bar or sandwich.

Rule 5

Keep order at your workplace. And even more – keep order in your room. It helps to organize your day as the order at workplace inspires to achieve a goal.  Moreover, the order helps to concentrate on working as nothing can distract you.

Rule 6

Perform the task in time. Do not put everything on the last day. In this regard, you can save a lot of time and increase the efficiency of studying. Moreover, this rule correlates with the third rule as planning interacts with time. So, these steps are constituents of time-management.

Rule 7

If you do not understand something, ask the teacher to explain once more. There is nothing to be ashamed of! Don’t hesitate. By the way, it's his job, if you have forgotten.

Rule 7

Relax. Sometimes for coming up with a fresh idea and returning to the ability to think, you just need to switch the activity. The ability to relax is a very important skill. Just make pauses in the classroom and during this time try not to think about studying.

Rule 9

Hobbies help to learn, and not vice versa. It's amazing, but if you have an interesting and favorite hobby, the study seems to be easier. It is explained by the fact, that hobbies inspire you to work more productively as you want to succeed in this sphere. Therefore, studying seems to you another obstacle with which you should cope.


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