Balancing Studying and Gaming

Gaming and Studying Balance

How to balance your time between gaming and studying? Is it possible? The problem is quite common and it doesn’t have one easy solution for anyone. Still, reaching the optimal level of productivity in both getting new knowledge and playing favorite games is easier than you might think.

Studying > Gaming?

Yeah, agreed, that title above looks weird. Spending $800-1200 on a 17-inch laptop with brand-new Core i7, GTX gaming card and huge 16 Gb RAM storage on board doesn’t make studying a priority. But if you already own such a gaming machine – try making it your ally, not the enemy.

Study First

“I’ll play a game or two in Dota, and read the paragraph after.” Wait, what? Can anyone read the book AFTER a win streak in a popular MOBA-game?

Me neither.

So, to prevent procrastination – do your homework BEFORE you start making top-tier plays to carry tough games. Make your favorite hobby an award for the learnt material. Do not launch the game until at least 60% of required knowledge is in your head.

Sleep Normally

A newly released RPG is exciting. But an exam is coming. Evening is for the book, and then night is for playing. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Nope. What about sleeping? Going to bed at 5 AM for 3 to 4 hours is not enough for the human. Yes, you understood and studied your subject perfectly before going to the epic gaming world. Despite that, your brain won’t give out all the learnt info when needed because of being tired after a sleepless night. As a result – you’ll fail the test. Sad story.

In order to avoid this kind of a situation – do not underestimate a value of the “offline mode”. Plan your time, including 7 to 9 hours for sleeping. You’ll feel the effect in a week.

Say “No” to Hunger

“This quest is so interesting! I’ll eat after reaching the end.” And the end is 3 hours after the beginning. It is 2 AM and you feel too tired to cook something. Yet now even a couple of fast sandwiches isn’t useful for you.

You won’t get fed, and your stomach will be empty. That seriously influences the quality of your sleep in a bad way, too. Devoting 30 minutes of your evening time to cook and to eat well is a small price for being fresh in the morning. Agreed?

Gaming, Studying, Balance

As you see, getting good studies without refusing your beloved hobby requires only one thing: self-discipline. Don’t let gaming become a matter of imbalance for your life. It is the way to spend your free time with pleasure. But you have to control your activities, and to set up your priorities properly.

Being self-organized is not that hard. But it is really big investment, which will help you get positive emotions from both studying and gaming.

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