Survival Tips for Monday Mornings

For some incredible reason Monday appears to be the most difficult day in the week. Psychologists say that it is a bad idea to plan important meetings or make significant decisions in the morning of Monday as we are not fresh and active enough at this time. Mostly, Mondays are not easy as half of you is still on weekends and the other half is already in a working mode. Here you can find some helpful hints for surviving on Mondays.

Tip #1. Start the Day with Reading.

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It is a good idea to begin Mondays with reading news, letters, emails etc. It does not require much energy but helps you to get updated and ready for the week. The best time for checking correspondence is morning as then you are able to plan your day and week.

Tip #2. No Important Meetings on the Monday Mornings.

If you need to held a meeting, negotiations or go to interview you should better not assign it for the morning of Monday. It will be fine if you schedule them for afternoon when everyone is not so sleepy and is in the working mood already.

Tip #3. Identify Your Preferences.

Typically, some things, which you plan to do during the week, are more important than others. Do not try to do all the stuff at once and do not start everything on Monday. You should find out the things, which must really be done this day and do not panic or react immediately to every new email that you get.

Tip #4. Plan a Pleasant Event for Monday

It is possible to make Monday pleasant for you. For example, you can plan something, which you really enjoy doing, like an appointment with a friend,  visit to cinema etc. This is how you will make yourself look forward to this day.

Tip #5. Take a Walk.

Take a break in your Monday. One of the hints for good break is taking a walk with a person, whose company you enjoy. You will be able to do some exercise and breath fresh air instead of sitting at your work place in the office. Also, you may communicate with your co-worker or a groupmate regarding the project, which you are doing together and, maybe, find some new brilliant ideas.

Tip #6. Make a Plan in Advance.

When you have your Monday planned properly already you can start doing the needed things at once. For instance, you may write your schedule for the week on Friday so even during the weekend you know what to expect from this day and will not get any unpleasant surprises.

Tip #7. Be Grateful.

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Think about how many people would like to be a student of your college or work at the position of yours, but they might appear less lucky than you. It will give you understanding of how happy person you are. So put on your smile right after you wake up on the Monday morning and get ready for new achievements.

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