How to Read as Fast as Think?

It is not good to be able to read fast if you do not get what you read. However, who said that the speed and quality are the antipodes? If you do your best to develop the high speed of reading, understanding will remain on the same level. Here is the secret of the fast reading: you are required to work out both: the speed of reading and the understanding of the materials you have read.

Secrets by Peter Kump

Peter Kump has written an innovative book on this issue. The author defines the reading as viewing the printed text with extracting information, what is enough for gaining aims. Thus, the fast reading is pretty much the same but with the maximal possible speed. Here are the 6 main factors which will help you to develop the speedy reading skill.

  • Understanding of the Speed and the Aim to Read as Fast as Possible

    It is necessary to make a decision: “I can do it faster!” Also, you should define for yourself the meaning of “faster” and the quantity frames of this term. The regular speed of reading is 700-1000 signs per minute. It is easy to check your personal reading speed:

    Choose a non-fiction book, which is new for you. Read it for 3 minutes (you can set a timer for this), write down the ideas got, and calculate how many signs you have read. If you divide this number by 3 (minutes), this will be the result for speed of reading per minute.

    Remember, that you should evaluate your progress only based on your previous results. Disregard the results of others, since the speed of reading is quite an individual thing. A High Speed

  • The Signal Words

    To read fast you should recognize the signal words fast. Every text has signal words, which help to structure the sentences. If you see those words, you expect the change and get ready for it. These words can deal with time (previously, before, after, recently etc.), addition (furthermore, moreover, also etc.), alternatives (however, nevertheless, on the other side etc.), and conclusion (overall, all in all, as you may see, so etc.) A Signal Word

  • Launch the Speeder of Reading

    Imagine that the speed booster was always here. Yes, it is your hand! Just track the reading with your point finger. Your eyes should follow your finger. Your hand should move as fast as possible, so your mind will do its best to avoid delays. Firstly, work on speed, secondly, check the quality. Work out 30 min per day.

  • Define the Topic of the Paragraph

    Every paragraph being a meaningful structural part has its subtopic. Read one and determine its theme. Then check how many topics of paragraphs you are able to determine within 5 minutes. After you train a bit you should get the result of 5 paragraphs within 1 minute.

  • Take the Odd Information Off

    This is the most challenging point. Do not read the text, which does not serves your aim. Ask yourself:

    • How important is the information I am reading?
    • What do I want to learn?

    The answers will take seconds, but will help you to save much more time.

  • Track the Plot

    Reading and the possibility to retell are closely connected. Do the following exercise: draw a diagonal line on the blank sheet. After reading, write down the topic of the paragraph not looking into the text. Then add details down along the line, making it a tree-like. Recollecting of material is an inherent part of any reading, so take care of this point.

Do you have a lot of books waiting for the better times when you get a bit freer from your everyday responsibilities? Work out your skill and read with the surprising speed not to postpone what you want to learn!

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