Secrets of Negotiating

Having knowledge in a specific area and being talented is not enough to negotiate and make somebody think the way you consider. You need to know some rules that will help you succeed during the meeting. The competency to talk with your chief, partners, clients, customers, even friends and relatives guarantee you becoming the real guru of your job.

Main Aspects of Leading the Successful Meeting

A Personal Business Meeting

Here are the main aspects of leading the successful meeting:

  • Personal Meeting

    Deal personally with the important meeting. No e-mails or secretary’s work are possible. Your attitude to the negotiations will show your partner, or whom you address, the significance of the meeting and your respect to it.

  • Behavior

    Control your behavior during the meeting. Be relaxed and calm. That’s not a matter of life and death. Bear yourself in hand, don’t cry and don’t argue emotionally with your opponent.

  • Concrete Aims

    When talking to a person, tell only certain things and don’t have a loose tongue on the topic you discuss. Otherwise your opponent will consider that you are a blowhard.

  • Think about Your Partner’s Interests

    Success directly depends on the aims of your partner and not on yours. Make your interests being on the same direction.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

    Clearing up a situation will help you to feel self-controlled and confident.

  • Agreement

    Never agree at once. Always bargain for more favorable terms. Your final phrase as “I’ll think it over” will be the best. Your opponent or chief will understand, who you are and what you deserve. That means you have no problems with the self-esteem and you are not suitable for easy terms. Let them struggle for you.

    Hand Shaking
  • Competence

    Be qualified and wise concerning the question you are arguing about. Otherwise you’ll be disappointed having nothing to say in response.

  • A Calm Mind

    Before taking any decision think twice and get rid of any emotions: you need to have a calm and provident mind.

  • Admitting of Your Mistakes

    This will enhance your authority at your partner’s eyes. Only strong-willed people may apologize.

How to Come to the Mutually Rewarding Agreement?

  • Divide your attitude to people and to the job. Be strict concerning business principles, but quiet toward the people. Learn the bargain from your opponent’s view. Propose your decision according to his evaluation.
  • Put attention on the common values not on the positions. The evaluation system will show the result of the negotiations.
  • If the negotiations stuck, make a brainstorm for sake of both. Creative thinking will give a new vision of the problem and new ways of its resolving.
  • Use the objective criteria to judge the situation. Don’t yield to pressure. Discuss the questions as part of cooperation.

Using these simple tips will make you feel more relaxed and assured in any position, even if you are wrong. Try to be confident and take everything round as granted for better. Capacity to adapt in the complicated terms will make you stronger and mobile.

Have the nice negotiations with your side to ease the terms!

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