Menu for Your Brain

What will be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear: «Feed your brain»? Is that a book? A theater play? Maybe meditation and observing the world? All of these would be correct, but how often do you think of actual food, that helps your brain work faster and be more productive? The weight of the brain is only 2-3% of the human's body, but it consumes up to 20% of all the energy, that comes with the food.

Here is a list of products, that will power you up:

Feel concentrated


This berry (just as blackberry and raspberry) helps you memorize the new information quicker and prevents your brain from deteriorating thanks to the antioxidants. It is also good for your eyes and can sharpen your hearing.


Only one fuzzy ball covers a daily need of vitamin C, that is good for memory. Kiwi also prevents the body from dehydration. Try it as a breakfast! A banana, half a cup of milk and a kiwi will make a perfect smoothie, that will give you enough energy and vitamins for the first half of the day.


This seafood is rich in vitamin D, that is an indispensable element for improving your mood, concentrating skills and handling the stress. The lack of this element not only can lead to uncontrolled bursts of irritation, but can even affect your cognitive skills.

Coffee, green tea and matcha

All these drinks stimulate your brain to work fast, find solutions quicker and concentrate on the task. They are really effective, but should be treated wisely, as the more ofter you have a cup of coffee, the less strong the effect will appear.

Food for brain

Pumpkin seeds and nuts

Have you noticed, that walnuts even look like a human's brain? Since the ancient times nuts were thought to be useful for the mind. Seeds and nuts contain fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), vitamins, zinc and magnesium. All of these elements are irreplaceable when it comes to thinking processes.

Keep in mind, that a correct menu for your brain only improves your ability to work in a more productive way, but you are the one responsible for keeping it busy. Apart from studying, you can use your brain's energy to complete all kinds of different tasks. Start a new hobby, if you like, just remember, that any kind of intellectual activity trains your memory and keeps your mind young for a long time.

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