Hitchhiking Possibilities


All students know a holy word “holidays” which means that you are free as a bird. Even though human can’t fly, but they can hitchhike. If you are a greener in hitchhiking and hesitating whether it is worth to try, then STOP! Hitchhiking is definitely a must for every student to experience at least once.

Hitchhiking: What Is It?

To put it simple hitchhiking is waiting at the edge of a road for someone to give you a drive, with one's thumb extended or upwards. Usually you don’t need to pay to driver, thus, it is called one of the cheapest ways of traveling, what is quite an important features for students, who usually face financial troubles.

Reasons to Start Hitchhiking

Let’s name a few reasons why you should become a hitchhiker at least once in your life. First of all, it’s cheap. It’s O.K. to pay nothing to drivers, even though it is not always like that. But just think of it: isn’t it enticing to cross the Europe and pay only five euro or so?

Secondly, you get to know people around the world. Usually those drivers that lend a hand to the hitchhikers are friendly and easygoing people. You may not only spend a good time on your way but also get some recommendations about places to visit. Sometimes drivers may even give you some food or money.

Thirdly, if you are a risky person and like adventures, this way of traveling is just for you. It is a good trial if you want to test yourself. Hitchhiking is like facing the world one on one. But not the world of nature as it is during hiking, but the human world which sometimes can be even tougher than hanging out with a bear in the forest.

Do You Think About Negative Side?

Alone in Desert

Of course there is always a “but”: be ready to walk a lot. Catching a car is more the matter of luck. Exhaustion becomes your first best mate in the journey. The second one is stinking. However, even if you are very brave, still it is recommended not to travel alone especially if you are a girl. Hitchhikers are in danger to be picked up by unsafe or even dangerous drivers.

Tips for Hitchhiking

Thumb Up
  1. Always mind your location. It should be easy for drivers to recognize you, and the place you are standing at needs to be convenient for the car to stop, not causing any jams or road accidents.
  2. Look up for the places where you can hitchhike or the one who picks you up will be police.
  3. To stop a car the gestures may vary due to the part of the world and culture you are dealing with. Thumb up gesture may be inappropriate in some countries and can lead to troubles. Never show this gesture in the Middle East!
  4. In some countries hitchhiking is illegal so surf the Internet before your trip.

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