8 Ways to Finish Your Speech

It is widely known that in order to have a successful speech one needs confident start and strong will for reaching the goal. There are many ways of starting one’s speech.

But the effective ending for it is important, too. In this article, we are going to talk about how to finish one’s speech. There will be represented 9 ways of ending your performance. Ways shown below are not exotic ones, but they are simple and effective.

  • 1.Quote, Phrase, Folk Saying

    Churchill Speech Phrase

    The phrase is to be connected to the topic of your performance. If you talk about any historical person or outstanding human of now, you can finish your speech by quoting any bright phrase of that person. For instance, if to talk about Winston Churchill, the famous politician of Great Britain, the speech about this person can be finished with his quote that describes this personality perfectly: “Never give in - never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

    Such ending fits for informational or entertaining performances, where accenting the main theses and thoughts is not that important.

  • 2. Overall Conclusion “So…”

    Such ending might be used for underlining the main thought of a speech. If the orator speaks about the topic called “Harms of Smoking”, then it is important for them to convince listeners in negative aspects of smoking. This ending is great for persuasive orator’s speeches. This is how one can repeat main theses and arguments, underline it all. And this way to finish a speech is perfect for the unprepared audience, due to the main idea being repeated.

  • 3. Thanks for Attention

    This ending is good for conference and round-table speeches, as it is neutral enough. Doesn’t make much sense and finishes orator’s speech effectively. Works fine for protocol speeches as well.

  • 4. Talking to Listeners

    For instance, wishing them to have a good weekend. This ending goes fine for the “long distance” speech, as it helps to provide a contact with the public. Fits to informational and entertaining speeches.

  • 5. Concluding Repeat: - first… , - second…

    This ending goes well for a weakly prepared audience when it is needed to repeat key points for them once more. If the audience is positive, then put arguments in order to place the strongest one at the very end. This way to finish a speech goes well for persuasive speeches, too.

  • 6. Illustration

    The idea is being explained with the help of analogy, allegory, saying. For instance, talking about the topic of “investment diversification” one can finish it with the phrase like “don’t put all your eggs is one basket”. Or another example: the speech about “Fails are the way to success” can be ended with the saying like “when your life brings you a lemon, go make some sweet lemonade from it”.

  • 7. Complement for the Audience

    “You are cool because you’ve come here to the orators’ club”. Fits well for info and entertaining public speeches.

  • 8. Humorous Ending

    Humorous Speech

    A funny story connected to the topic of your speech. Fits great for entertainment performances.

So, be confident and have no doubts about your success.

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