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Almost every human wants to get maximum of impressions and satisfactions from their life. The effective use of time is one of the most important tasks for anyone. Some people say that time-management doesn’t work because it leads you towards stress and emotional exhaustion instead of happiness.

Other people say that you have to get into this art first, to get hit by circumstances a few times, to create your own system, and time management will gradually get into your life only after that. It is important not only to do more, but to feel emotionally well after that.

Here are 5 actions (hints, rules), which take some time for you to get them as habits. Most part of people don’t keep up to them, as they think these tips to be a waste of time. But they lose as a result. Spending some time for preparation before starting a job will save you lots of time and nerves.

  • 1. Plan Beforehand and Start Earlier

    If you devote at least 10 minutes of your time to build-up a plan, you’ll save a lot more time later. There will appear difficulties you could account in advance during the work. People often lose them because of laziness. A person who plans will always be a few steps ahead because of knowing what to do and when. Disorganized people will move between important and not important tasks.   

    Starting earlier is an effective strategy, too. If you have 60 minutes for your task, devote 80 minutes for it, work all the time and you’ll complete 40-50% more than you planned

  • 2. Complete Two-Minute-Tasks at Once

     Tasks requiring two or less minutes to complete them should be completed at once, otherwise they’ll take a lot more of your time or will distract you. They will take both your time and energy.

  • 3. Combine Similar Tasks

    Switching from one type of tasks to another is sometimes really difficult. Someone says this skill to be essentially important, others say the opposite. The point is, combining tasks helps to save time.

  • 4. Deny all the Irritators During Work

    Distractors are everywhere: email, phone, colleague talks, noise, thoughts. Them all have their value during a break, but seriously deny your effectiveness in other cases. There are notes, that people work 4 times more effectively if there are no distractors nearby.

  • To-Do List

    You don’t always have time to use mnemonical techniques, especially while doing your job. So, write down all new thoughts, don’t be shy of it. This will take a couple minutes, but you’ll get rid of long and unprecise reminding process in future. 

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