Creativity Sins

Creative Person

Creative person is not only a poet or a musician. Every human has this potential developed in this or that measure. Even if you are not connected to the art and creativeness directly, developing one’s creativity helps in solving different tasks as well.

This is how they work in business, inventions, communicating, medicine, science and other branches. Life becomes brighter, happier and full due to that thinking.

If to say clearly, everything around us is created with the help of creativity and art of this or that level. And of course the question appears: why were we full of ideas yesterday and now we can’t give out a single understandable thought? This question has been studied for years, and nobody found a complete answer to it. But there are some facts which we want to share with you.

  • 1. Lack of Knowledge and Attention

    Knowledge and attention are essential for the art and creativeness. Despite the fact, that the information lost its uniqueness in our times, it still remains the key for creating anything new. You won’t be able to think out new things if you don’t have the proper knowledge basis and if you don’t understand how to use it all.

    When the human is fed up with information on purpose, they start structuring it in their mind with the use of logic. Logic is thought to be an antagonist to creative thinking for no real reason. Any new product or idea has logical basis which can put chaos to order. Attention is required because conscious efforts can’t go in vain. You can have some ideas out from nothing, but to stay creative every day you need to be interested in anything around you.

  • 2. Lack of Passion and Enthusiasm

    Enthusiasm is a kind of blood for creativeness. Creativity blossoms out when a person is involved into something passionately. It is extremely difficult to create, when the thing itself is not interesting and boring.

    When the brain is fed with curiosity, it works on the limits. So wonder, always and everywhere. Don’t let yourself think “I know it all already”, even if it can look like that for a first glimpse. Finding something unusual in usual things, here is the first mark of creative thinking.

  • 3. Doing Regular Things

    Of course, originality because of itself is useless. But this is only for first moments. Once you start doing something in other ways, it becomes your habit and quantity turns out into quality sometime later.

    Creativeness is unique and unstable due to that. You can’t be sure of your novel, plot, idea or project to become a great success. But if you do same things as others, your chances for success will decrease extremely fast.

    The point of creativeness is being novice. New thoughts, approaches, ideas, methods, thinking manner. Try something new and try understanding what works and what doesn’t.

  • 4. Fear of a Mistake and Failure

    Person Anxiety

    People are often afraid of the unknown, this phenomenon lies deeply inside our minds. The skill of living with the unknown differs good and great businessmen, good and genuine artists.

    Creativeness is always the undiscovered way, and this means no guarantees. Walking through the fogs can be unpleasant, but these are the rules of this game.

    Just keep going, and you’ll make it one time.

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