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Memory Development

Any human, especially student, has to remember lots of information during every single day. It’s not always easy, sometimes even the simplest things just fly out of our mind. Here are some simple advices about how to remember new information you need.

Find the Point, And Repeat It as Many Times as You Need

Numerous students complain that studying is difficult and choose the easiest way to get knowledge once they gain such possibility. But you shouldn’t be afraid of difficulties. When you feel that the studying is really difficult, you study in the most effective way. It’s something like exercising in the gym: you get the best results when you work out close to your limits.

In addition, “the difficulty” of studying comes from a psychological effect in the most cases. Thick tomes of books make lots of people feel fear, but to get knowledge from them, you should choose what’s the most important in the text, and to remember facts. They won’t be remembered “on their own”, it is better to constantly repeat main theses of the learning materials, and teach yourself to use stickers. You can stick them to the walls in your room to make the repeating of new info regular and unobtrusive.

Be Attentive. And Stop Reading Superficially

It often happens like that: you see any piece of simple information, and it seems that not remembering it is just impossible. Yet that’s tricky. Simple example: your train leaves from the platform number 8. You take a glimpse onto the board, and think: “Platform 8, man, that’s easy.” And then you walk through the station, checking your phone at the same time, and… you understand you have forgotten the platform number.

It turned out that way because you didn’t concentrate your attention while looking at the board. It is required to remain concentrated while processing any information, even the simplest piece of it.

Connect New Information to Something You Already Know

The more facts from the fresh knowledge you can explain using the knowledge you have, the better will be your understanding of the whole complex. Plus, you’ll have logical connections which will be your assistance while reminding yourself that knowledge.

Reflect More Often

A look into the past could help. According to the Harvard Business School research, call-center managers who spend 15 minutes a day to analyze their past working day did their job on 22.8% better than those who didn’t do such analysis.

When people have the possibility to reflect, they feel themselves more effective. They’re more confident they could reach success. As a result, they put more of their energy and efforts onto job and study.

Reflection is especially useful if you can’t learn something. Think why it happens that way, and what could be done to fix that.

Remember new information better, that’s not too difficult!

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