Persuasive Essay On Recycling

Recycling Bins

One of the hottest environmental issues in the world of today, recycling, is a habit that everyone should have. It includes not only separating garbage into different bins, but also giving a new life to old things like clothes and toys you do not need anymore. So, these are the habits that every respectable community should strive to develop. Whether you are an environmentalist or just a student writing for your ecology class, you could use these tips to create a more persuasive paper.

Show Horrifying Statistics

One could think about recycling as something not as necessary as the media tries to show it. But what if you really want to persuade your reader that recycling is absolutely necessary for the global good? It could really turn around the whole course of the progress in the world, and you should state some valid, reliable data.

Use sources to find evidence about:

  • how much garbage is being thrown out every day;
  • how much of that could be recycled;
  • how much space it takes territorially;
  • how much damage it inflicts on the flora and fauna of the area.

Statistics can be a revelation to many of your readers.

Appeal to Emotions

Of course, dry statistical data are often not what one needs to really change other people’s minds. Make sure to state your conclusions out of each number or graph in order to get your message through. Write about the endangered species and the poisoned seas to appeal to the emotions of the readers.

When a person realizes that recycling needs to be done for a range of very specific reasons, they are more likely to develop such a habit and convince others to follow their example.

Describe the Way

Recycling is not always easy or done the right way. In your essay you should try to describe the right way to do your recycling that could sound fun and easy. Plastic bottles must be squashed to take up less space, the cartons of milk should be rinsed and placed in the appropriate boxes.

Some people simply lack the knowledge to do it in the right way, and the little tips will not go unnoticed if you write them down understandably, showing your reasons for making little bit more efforts and thoughts in your daily life.

Other Benefits

Enlighten your readers with other types of recycling. Indeed, recycling is a great way to get rid of stuff in your house in a civil way. Old clothes go to shelters and can be used by people in need. Used paper can produce new books. Not only things could be recycled, but also resources. For example, recycled water in your house could flush the toilet.

Old Clothes

Amazing Facts

Appeal to your audience with some amazing facts about recycling. You could state that everything can be recycled, and a person could live on recycled goods for a long period of time according to some research. Another fact is that a bottle abandoned in the woods would disintegrate only after thousands of years, depending on the material it is made from. Such facts are easy to remember, and they do leave an impression.

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