Main Reasons of Breaking up After Long Lasting-Relationship: How to Prevent It

Couple Argues

Nothing omened trouble and suddenly a beautiful couple just broke up. No, such thing does not happen. There are always some warning signs of problems, but we are too busy or too lazy to notice them. Learn to feel when something goes wrong, and understand what is happening.

Loss of Trust

The lack or loss of trust leads to the demolition of relationship’s foundation. You lose sense of security and reliability. Trust destroys jealousy or the realization that the partner doesn’t fulfill his promises, or both, blended in cool mix of suspicion and resentment.

Distrust entails painful existence of couples: accusations, questioning, all things causing feelings that you are constantly deceived, guilt, restrict freedom of the partner that can damage his career and social interaction.
Different goals in life

You understand that it is impossible always to run in the same team if you pull in different directions. If the goal in partners’ lives are not somehow overlapped they are not able to build long-term relationships. Occasionally, relationship with one of the partners may interfere to move towards one’s goals and live the way he wants it.


Having heard it surely in your heads immediately appear the thought on physical or sexual violence. But apart from that there is violence as emotional trauma which one is much harder to cure than bruises on the body.

Signs of Emotional Violence:

  • Constant attempts to control your partner.
  • Verbal insults, constant criticism, derogatory words, disrespectful attitude.
  • Demonstration of strength and power in order to cause partner’s feelings of fear.
  • Excessive jealousy, not only to people but also to work, goals, interests.
  • The expectation that partner will serve and fulfill all your wishes.
  • Manipulation by partner.
  • Attempts to isolate the partner from family, friends, from all life outside the relationship.

When we talk about violence, it seems that man plays the role of the evil. However, this is not always true. Women are not so often demonstrating physical violence, though it happens sometimes, but they may manifest in all colors the example of psychological violence.

Failed Expectations

We are happy when things are going the way we planned it or even better. And we are dispirited when the reality turns out to be worse than it had been expected. Failed expectations linked with a partner lead to frustration and anger. We have the image of ideal partner in our minds.

Unfortunately, a loved one has no idea about this picture, and it is unlikely that he wants to climb out of his way in order to meet her expectations. To be honest, your partner does not have to match the image which you created. However, we do not give up hope "to finish" this image of ideal partner in real life. Hence, we have constant nagging and resentment, criticism of everything what partner makes, ignoring his achievements that do not fit to the desired image.

Depressed Woman

Estrangement, Boredom, Habitude

Different objectives and communication problems lead to the fact that the partners just drift apart. They may be held together by the fear of being alone, children, financial dependence. But when these restraining reasons disappear then couple breaks up very quickly.

Learn to feel problems in your relationship, to analyze them and, the most importantly, learn to discuss these problems, thoughts, feelings, emotions and fears with your partner.

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