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If you think that everything has been written already before you, you could not be more wrong. Each person’s life is a unique journey down a curvy road that leads to unexpected places, and thus vastly different. That is what makes narrative essay writing exciting and memorable: you are writing about your own experience, a truly original piece. Here are a few groups of topics that you could choose from when you want to write a narrative essay!


Other people leave a key influence on our lives. They change the course of our curvy road and make us grow, impact our tastes, show us a different side of the world. If you want to explore your life from the point of view of other people who contributed to your growth, think about some moments that you had with them that changed you in some kind of way. You could write such essays as “A time when I looked up to my older sibling”, “The misunderstanding I had with my parents”, “The funniest thing that happened to my best friend”, “When my algebra teacher became my favorite teacher”.


Our lives can be viewed as a line with different bursts of colors that symbolize our emotions: vivid, disorganized, bright or brief. What are the deepest emotions you have experienced in your life? Were you ever truly scared, amazed, surprised? Look back on your memories and think about a time when you really felt like your heart could jump out of your chest at any minute. If you still have no clue what to write about, you may use such topics as “The most exciting day at school”, “My first trip to the amusement park”, “The best vacation I had with my family”, “That time when I saw a ghost” and so on. If something made you feel genuine emotions, then it is worth telling the story about it to the world.

bright colors


Have you noticed that when you talk to a new friend, almost everything you tell each other is exchanging of experiences? Usually, you compare your stories and see if you have had the same experience while growing up, and based on that you can form a bond more easily. What are some of the main life events that you could tell about in a narrative essay? Think about a time when you got lost in the woods, and how scary it was. Or maybe that time when you were abroad and tried to communicate with a waiter who did not speak your language. Maybe a key experience in your life was when you broke your arm in high school, and everyone came to visit you to draw and write on your cast, and you realized that you had more friends than you thought you did. Choose a topic connected with your experience and be sure that no one can ever accuse you of plagiarism!

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