First Steps into University Lifestyle: Fails to Avoid

Having passed the first year of studying at the university, a lot of students often realize that there were so much fails they could easily avoid. Too many new faces, new accommodation, unknown style of studying, pressure, sometimes you begin to live in a new city or even a country. The time is going past you... and... wait, where is it going? Often “fresh” students are suffering because of first troubles they face.

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Fear 1: “I just wonder how I’ll pass that cruel examination”

Is it familiar to you when almost every affair disturbs you? A lot of things may seem to you really unbearable. You’re mentally beginning to prepare yourself that you’ll be excluded from the university after one studying week. And if not – you guess it will happen after your first exams period. Actually, it is a natural thing that all education institutions are interested in supporting their students in different ways and help them, but not exclude at once when they get some problems.

Fear 2: “Is anybody here? Why am I alone with all that troubles?”

Even if you’ve got some problems in studying, your accommodation (especially dormitory), relationship with fellow students, there are deanery, housing department, services specialized in working with students where you can get some help and piece of advice. You have to realize that you’re not the only one in here who has got some problems and can’t solve it. Besides, don’t hesitate to appeal for psychologist’s help as well.

Fear 3: “Excuse me, when can I get some sleep?”

It is almost the first question to which you immediately want to find the answer. Your timetable needs changing: yes, it is the fact. During the first month (or months) freshmen usually seem to resemble some frightened zombies. It is no more than something like a shock reaction to an absolutely different style of life. You need to reorganize your curriculum and try to spread your big assignments during the whole week because doing a lot of work within short periods of time may plunge a freshman into a depression. Quite another thing is the second, the third and the fourth years of studying: gradually you’ll get used to doing big tasks and to feeling calm at the same time.

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Fear 4: “I’m drowning in this wave of absolutely unknown people”

At the beginning all first-year students are disturbed by thousands of new faces: other students, teachers etc. Everyone needs to get new acquaintances and friends and it is undoubtedly not the affair of one day. The matter is that larger part of your life has been left at home and it is also quite a normal thing. Here you get something cooler: there are at least several thousands of new different and interesting young people. Consequently, you get the opportunity to discover a new side of your life and even of the whole world, you can find whoever you really like and unexpectedly enrich and expand your own worldview.

Fear 5: “Events, discos, meetings, any activities? Are you kidding? I have to study!”

Of course, no one will argue that a student has to study. But. Be sure that taking part in different activities means not only the entertainment but also the informal education. No, it isn’t a joke. Taking part in student organizations, exciting meetings and festivals, giving time to your hobbies also give you a lot of knowledge which are needed for a person not less than knowledge given at the university. Sometimes it happens that a person’s career is being arranged due to the skills taken during the studying and also due to own hobby or taking part in some organizations. Besides, even walking with friends often is better than constant sitting above the book and in front of the computer. It is also an informal education as speaking means sharing the ideas. Ideas need to be spread in society, they run the world. Be sure you’re doing your best and don’t hesitate to live a true student’s life. Of course, it is full of responsibility and hardship (everything happens), but it is the life of independence, enchanting impressions and adventures. Get rid of your fears and feel the freedom!

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