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Let me play a psychic and guess your first question here: “What does it even mean to be a successful student?” It`s not like you have a promising career. Then what kind of success can you gain while studying at the university?

I think the fact that you got up early in the morning and managed to get in time to your first lecture already is an impressive achievement.

And how about that time when you remembered that you had to submit an assignment two hours before the deadline? You could have forgotten about it at all! That`s what I call a responsible attitude towards studying.

Okay, I guess you need some serious, helpful stuff, and that`s why you`re here.

Morning sets the mood for the whole day, and if you wake up and find out that you have no milk left in your fridge, you may consider this day to be ruined.

Psychologists have decided to help us out here. They came up with the list of morning habits that most successful people have. But there is something you need to know for sure. Following these rules solely won`t make you a person with huge achievements. There is so much work to do. Still, after reading this article you`ll at least know where to start.

By the way, if you`d like to know what morning routines some famous ingenious people had, check out this article.

Make a Plan for a Day

I don`t know what exactly it is, but there is something oddly satisfying in the process of writing a to-do list. You feel like you have everything under control, your life is figured out, and you`re following a certain plan. Some people are creating such list of daily deeds right before they go to bed. So, it`s your call. The point is that you have to do it all the time if you want to be successful.

The next question is whether you should use a smartphone planner or an actual notebook. Again, it depends on your personal preferences, but let`s check what psychologists have to tell you.

Can you hear that? They all vote for the good, old handwriting and a piece of paper. Your brain will remember this information better because it will visualize what it has to order you to do. Therefore, it will be easier for you to stick to a plan. You have to make time for rest and write it down. Your day shouldn`t consist only of super productive activities. You`re a human being, not a robot!

You`ve Been Waking up Wrong

Snooze Button

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? In most cases, you hit a snooze button despite the fact that scientists claim it`s extremely harmful to your sleeping cycle. I know no matter what they say to you, it’s really difficult to go without those precious “five more minutes”. So, you should definitely try to energize yourself right after you wake up. No snooze buttons!

You can take a refreshing shower, go for a run, walk a dog. Coffee is fine as well. Yeah, you all wanted to hear that coffee is allowed by science. You just have to do anything that makes your blood pump and your brain think.

Seriously, just don`t stare at the wall sitting on the bed, wearing only one sock, thinking about something deep and philosophical. That`s a bad way to start your day. Do this mental exercise just before you go to sleep. It`s not like we`re going to forbid you to think about philosophy.

Talk to the Mirror

Evil Queen and Mirror

It`s always a pleasure to talk to a nice intelligent person, so why wouldn`t you talk to yourself? I`m dead serious right now. Psychologists swear that self-talk is extremely beneficial for your mental health (you can check out more about this cool stuff in this article). But it`s also an absolute must-have activity in your morning routine. Motivate yourself!

“Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” You can try to act out pretty much the whole dialogue between that evil Queen from “Snow White” and her reflective piece of glass. Tell yourself that you can do this, that you`re going to nail all those tasks, and that you won`t let anybody push you around. It may be a bit weird and cringy if someone else is around. But self-confidence can`t be earned in an easy way.

Did Your Mom Teach You How to Be Polite?

Human interaction, small talk, society in general play a huge role in our lives and specifically in our mornings. Studies have reported that people who often use the words of politeness like “thank you”, “sorry”, “please”, and all those fancy British equivalents of them like “I beg your pardon” and “I would be utterly delighted if you be so kind to provide me with a service like and blah, blah, blah”. Anyway, be polite and you`ll always be in good mood. You`ll be more energetic and productive.

Besides, you`ll be taken as a very pleasant and nice person. That`s a win-win. One more important thing! You have to be grateful but not only for the services or the words, you have to be grateful for your life, wellbeing, many opportunities you have. This idea is absolutely consequential. Don`t forget that you`re a lucky human being because you`re alive.

Hug Anybody Right Now!

Puppies Hugging

Serotonin is a vital hormone which keeps us upbeat and healthy. The easiest way to get it is through hugs! People are craving for interaction with other human beings. That`s just in our DNA. We need at least 4 hugs per day. It can be the same person or different people. You just need your daily dose of serotonin, and you`ll be the best productive and concentrated version of yourself.

If you live with somebody, just hug and kiss them in the morning. Unless it`s your weird roommate who won`t take it very well. What is more, cuddling in the morning will strengthen the relationship with your significant other.

So, now you have the whole set of positive arguments.

Everybody Needs to Shut Their Pie Holes

That may sound a bit controversial after we`ve stated that human interaction will brighten your day. But save it for the late morning.

Don`t you just love that time when you are up and everybody is still sleeping, and you have that half an hour of silence and peace? You have a perfect opportunity to do your yoga or to read a book, sipping on a cup of hot coffee. The best time of the morning!

In case you have absolutely no idea what we`re talking about now, sorry but you have to find some peaceful time in your morning routine. It`s highly important for your functioning as a human being. It is vital to you if you`re an introvert, and it won`t hurt if you`re an extrovert. Too much interaction with people is not a very useful thing, so you still need that silent time to compartmentalize your thoughts.

There is one more additional tip for you before you start saying that you can`t deal with so many activities in one morning. You should read the news about things that happened the day before. Most successful people show interest in international affairs and events that happen overseas. You need to stay informed – it`s the only way to become and stay successful in this ever-changing world.

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