Essay on 6 Ways of Earning a Great Reputation at University


The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “reputation” is unbelievable power and unlimited authority. All people strive to earn a great reputation as it implies getting an abundance of opportunities that bring lots of benefits.

It is worth mentioning that reputation refers to all the spheres of our life and plays an important role as well. Whether it is school, work, etc., reputation is the key element that contributes to our result. When you have entered the university, you may think the university is the same as school, and only textbooks cost more.

However, it is not so. Textbooks are issued free of charge and in huge quantities (especially if you are a humanitarian), but the common key element that connects school and university is structure. University also has a certain hierarchy, on the top of which stands the dean, then goes the academic part, the teachers and sometimes the university elite. Then there are excellent students who do not pay for studying because they get scholarships (yes, these are the cleverest students in the groups), sportsmen, who get away with murder (but only if their team was the winner of the semester), the rest of the students and the staff, whose presence is not noticed by anybody. Do you want to know how to charm them all and be the center of attention? Go for it!

Essay as a Way to Get a Reputation

More often than not people cannot earn great reputation just because they cannot grasp the whole meaning of this notion. Therefore, the first task with which we have to cope is to determine the meaning of “reputation” and elements it encompasses.

The best way to do that is to write a short essay that will describe all aspects of this notion. You can do it by yourself or ask high-quality homework service to accomplish it for you. According to American experts, the written form is considered to be the best form of visualizing as while writing any piece of information our brain is focused only on one particular thing that allows the brain to analyze it in a more precise and accurate way.

It is explained by the fact that left brain that is responsible for analytical skills takes part in the writing process. Therefore, it becomes natural to analyze things more precisely when they are written rather than told. Don’t forget that assignment help is always worth considering if you want to make the most of essays but are afraid that initially, something can wrong.

In this regard, I propose taking a clean sheet of paper and allow your brain (and of course, imagination) to work on the definition of the word “reputation.” By the way, you are not limited to any written form or size, or even lexicology - so just let your brain encompass everything that is related to reputation and analyze every detail and fact.

Appropriate Behavior and Dress

Person Wearing Revealing Clothes

First impressions are the most lasting. But do not think that the more revealing clothes you wear, the more valuable reputation you have. Obviously, you do not have to wear school uniform anymore, so you feel the “freedom.” And of course, I know that you can easily walk on high heels (like any top-model) or wear bright shirts just like Brad Pitt on Red Carpet, but it would be much useful to take a look at smart casual style. You should look stylish, neat and confident if you want to avoid the surprised looks and caustic comments of professors and groupmates.

As for your behavior, it is high time to put a smile on your face and be as communicable as never before. The worst thing that you can do on the first day of the studying is to sit down and look daggers. It will not make you look mysterious, but you can scare possible friends away, so it is better to show initiative and get to know someone.

Establish Contacts

As soon as you meet groupmates and realize who can become your friend, start looking at other guys and make useful acquaintances. It is a well-known fact that collective at university is divided into groups (let it say because of interests), so try to determine them and find out more about their behavior: who knows everyone, who arranges the funniest parties, who is responsible for the initiative, who is in the Student Council, and with whom it is better not to quarrel with.

And most importantly - do not be afraid! The university, of course, has its own hierarchy, but the plus of universities is that no one wears pink on Wednesdays and everyone is willing to make contact. And if you have a creative specialty, the age line simply disappears, so do not be afraid to get acquainted with the undergraduates. They like to poke fun at fresher, but at the same time, they are very nice guys.

Win Respect of Professors

You may think that the opinion of professors is not so important, and you know who you are and what you can do, but professors decide whether you pass exams or not. No matter how you treat them, it is better not to quarrel with them (of course, if you want to get a scholarship at the end of the semester).

So, what to do? Study! No, you do not have to know everything perfectly, but to show interest in the subject is a MUST. Do homework, do not play truant and attend lectures – some professors have a visual memory, and if they remember you, your chances to pass the exams successfully increase.

Also, do not be afraid to express your opinion and be active; just remember that you need to talk calmly and not to be rude. By the way, the abundance of information waits for you at university, so it will not be superfluous to master some technique of good memorizing. If you are not aware of what I am talking about, go here and find out the most effective methods of remembering.

Public Life

Rock Group

Do not hurry to go home just after classes and eat favorite pizza in your room (and watch TV shows). Why? Because you have not completed the whole program yet! The next step is to join the team. But in order to join it, you need to act competently.

In each educational institution, there are various clubs where students reveal their talents and skills. Such students have their own companies and if you get the courage and try to communicate with them, be ready that you have to have something in common.

For instance, if you like singing and have a gift for it, try to find students who share this interest with you. More often than not, various groups at the university sing particular genre of music or play musical instruments. So, do not hesitate to “join the club” and earn a reputation of a talented person.

Get Along with Staff

It is enough to say hello each morning, say politely goodbye when you are leaving, and say "thank you" taking tea in the dining room. The cleverest person knows that staff influences your life at university: whether it will be comfortable or not. Try to behave politely, and very soon, you will notice that the chef specifically leaves an extra donut, and the seller in the cafeteria allows you to pay for coffee when you have enough money. It is a trifle, but it is very nice, is not it?

To be among those who set the mood for the whole team is very difficult, but if you are not afraid of difficulties and the university is determined to be the center of your attention, go ahead! It is impossible to foresee everything, but follow the basic rules and remember that the first impression can be made only once.

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