Mistakes Students Make at Their First Job

First Job

Every youngster is eager to get out there in the free world and start making their own money. Okay, let`s be honest, not all of them. If their parents are multi-millionaires, I do reckon the desire of having an independent stable income isn`t on their list. But we`re here not to judge but to talk about your first job. That`s pretty exciting, huh? And intimidating, by the way! All those new people that you have to be kind and friendly with.

Just don`t show your true character on the first day yet. And please avoid doing that for the first month as well. Your colleagues will eventually see that you`re just a misanthropic human being who pretends to be social. That`s what years of studying at university have turned you into. Don`t try to deny it. But I do believe that you can fight it. Anyway, I assume that you`ve nailed that job interview and now are about to start working. Or, perhaps, you`re just collecting some tips in advance. Good for you!

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There are so many ways you can screw things up at your first job. But mind that when we`re telling you this, we mean the “real job”. It`s not about your high-school summer break part-time job, where you were selling cookies or whatever it was. We`re talking office, dress-code, deadlines here. All of that is really sad. Though the good news is that more and more companies nowadays are ditching those all-fashioned rules and establish more free-spirited environment at their offices. I hope you got that job. And now we`re going to talk about your mistakes.

What Is the Place That You Call Your Home?


One of the most common mistakes that all newcomers make is getting confused where they live. You have home and work. These are different things. If you stay really late after working hours, it will bring you no good consequences. You might think that in this way you`ll make an impression of a very responsible and hard-working employee, or that you want your boss to notice all your efforts.

It`s totally understandable: you want to build a reputation of a good worker. Besides, if you really like this job, you`re doing your very best to hold on to it. But in most cases, if you stay at work really late, it may seem that you can`t cope with your duties, that you`re not capable to complete everything on time. What is more, if you start putting your health and social life aside for the sake of work, you`ll just burn out. You don`t want to hate that well-deserved job, do you? To learn a bit more about it, you can visit this site.

Asking Questions Isn`t Stupid

Remember how you may feel when you need some help with essays or projects, but your shyness (or arrogance?) don`t allow you to go and ask your mates or profs for it.

So, some young employees feel the whole wave of anxiety coming at them when they need to ask a question. It doesn`t matter if it`s a boss or a more experienced colleague, you just feel that asking questions will make you look incompetent or even stupid. It won’t. By the way, you should definitely turn on your curiosity mode while at the job interview. Always ask questions when a potential employer gives you a chance to do it.

It’s the same when it comes to your working duties. You`re new to them, you have the right to make minor mistakes if you don`t understand some specifics. If you really need help and you have no idea what the right decision can be, don`t hesitate to ask your colleagues. It will be much worse if you screw up and make a major mistake which can get you fired. But asking questions won`t lead to those harsh consequences. So, think about it.

Accepting Criticism Is an Art

How do you usually react when somebody`s criticizing you? And I don`t mean your mom when you put on a T-shirt and a jacket when it`s freezing cold outside. The criticism concerning your work may affect you at a personal level. Though it’s easier said than done, just try to let it go. Nobody`s going to fire you while you`re still learning how to handle things at your new workplace. Yes, you may receive a bunch of critical phrases, but they will work for your greater good.

When the boss is pointing out your mistakes, you`d rather listen and correct them. It will show your maturity and professionalism. If you get upset every time you hear something bad about your skills, you won`t be able to work at that place for a long time. You need a strong nervous system and mental stability in order to succeed.

You May Turn out to Be Not So Good at This

So you`ve graduated from a really cool university, you don`t need college homework help any longer, you`ve got excellent grades and even got a few propositions from other companies that were trying to hunt you down. Alright, maybe you`re yet way too young and inexperienced to make awesome companies try to get you at any cost, but let`s say they were interested in you. Will you try to show it off to your new boss and employees when you settle down for a certain position? Think well, because the answer should be NO.

Nobody likes arrogant people. No, they won`t think that you`re all cool and mega-professional. You`ll be just a little braggart who treats other people like trash. This is never ever cool. You may think this is too harsh, and you definitely won`t behave like that. But, unfortunately, you may not even notice that. They say geniuses are arrogant, but keep it down, for a while, all right?

Hard times? Keep It Quiet!

Complaining Girl

People are so demanding nowadays! They don`t like this, they don`t like that. How are you even supposed to put up with them? There is one more thing that they don`t like. Your colleagues absolutely hate when you complain about your life. Guess what, all of us have problems and struggles. But what do successful and respected people do? They don`t walk around the office telling everybody about their life difficulties.

If you still don`t believe us (and that`s one of your biggest mistakes so far), you`re more than welcome to check out this article. It will help you to learn more about how complaining can damage your mental health. What is more, it can ruin your relationship with colleagues and even the whole career in perspective.

This Is Me, This Is You, Don`t Cross the Line

So far we`ve agreed that you need to hide your misanthropic tendencies and mental instability (which you`ve acquired thanks to university) and talk to people you`re working with in a friendly and kind manner.

There is one more thing that you need to know. It`s basically a relationship: there is no “you” and “me”, there is just “us”. In a relationship it can be kind of annoying. And it`s even more annoying at your workplace.

We must have misled you completely here. The thing is: you shouldn`t keep yourself apart from the company`s life. You`re a team player now, you`re supposed to play along by the company`s rules. If your colleagues go for a picnic once in a month, you`d rather go with them. Of course, you`re not obliged to do what you don`t want to. Why would you force yourself? But when you`ve just gotten that job, don`t you think that it will be a good way to show respect to the co-workers?

Some of our remote online essay writers say they wish they could join the company’s parties and meetings when they see our photos in the corporate chat. So, team culture is actually a very important thing.

I`m pretty sure that now when we`ve broken it all down to you, you`ll be everybody`s favorite colleague. We`ve started that comparison with a relationship, so we`ve got to finish it. Never ever compare your new job to an old one out loud. Only if a new one is much better. And even in this case, that`s just not okay.

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