Sociology Essay: Why Millennials Are the Generation of Killers


Not actual assassin-like killers, but little harmless smoothie-drinking adults who have a mind of a child. Yep, we`re still talking about millennials, and if you`re one of those guys, you`ll silently agree with every sentence in this article whether you want it or not. But why would we call millennials killers? Firstly, Internet users these days are in love with screaming headlines. But trust me, this is not a clickbait, just give us a chance and see for yourself.

Secondly, it wasn`t us who called them that way. That`s what everybody`s thinking nowadays after a few analytical social reports have been published. Turns out, those people who were born between 1981 and 1997 (aka Millennials) are ruining all social norms and long-lived traditions. They are killing conceptions of people`s life. Bank system, fashion, car industry, and so many more! Are you one of those murders? Even if you`re not, you`re still more than welcome to check out how the world is collapsing because of this young generation. Or, perhaps they are saving our planet by establishing their own rules? You decide!

The ideas we`ve collected for a custom paper sample on this topic will help you with the decision.

The Actual Stores

Online Shopping

Every city which considers itself to be a major tourist attraction has its street drown in the sin of consumerism. Perhaps, it sounds a bit dark, but it`s true if you think about it. Fifth Avenue in New York, Oxford Street in London, Avenue des Champs Elysees in Paris. What is going to happen to all those iconic places? You can often see them in movies and in travel bloggers post pictures. Most importantly, it`s your obligation to check in there. But it doesn`t necessarily mean that you need to buy something. Everything is impossibly expensive.

But we`ll talk about luxury goods later because millennials declared a war against those as well. Real shops don`t attract millennials at all. Why would this progressive yet weird generation waste their precious time on wandering around the mall or just shops in the street? You can do all of this online now. Sorry, Fifth Avenue, but youngsters don`t seem to dig you.

Do you remember all those iconic scenes from the movies where girls are going shopping? After this tedious activity, they stop by at some cafe, have a glass of cocktail, and gossip? Am I retelling you an episode of “Sex and the City” now? Alright, let`s get back to the expert sociology essay help.

Social Status? What Kind of Social Status?

The whole cultural phenomenon that has been thriving within society for centuries is going to an end. Can you believe it?

We were worried about our favorite characters from classic books so much! They were in love, but one of them was rich and noble, and the other one was poor and with no aristocratic roots. Their love was doomed, but they were fighting for it. Without noticing it, I basically told you the whole “Titanic” love story. What would we do without them?

Millennials simply don`t buy all of that. Surely, they enjoy good old literary classics, but they definitely don`t want to imply it in real life. All those luxury things never appear on the shopping list of true millennials. Why would they need diamonds? They can travel throughout the whole Europe using the money that can be spent on one shiny rock. Such expenses are just too silly for them. Millennials aren`t so thrilled about buying cars, expensive motorcycles, and even their own homes. They live in the moment and they don`t really bother about future. And they don`t believe in social status or some upper class.

Movies and Even TV-Shows Are Under Threat


When was the last time you`ve been to the movies? It`s just a little test which will help to find out how Millennial-ish you are. Generation Y can`t be described as active movie-goers. Well, it makes sense. With Netflix and the platforms which are similar to it you won`t have to turn watching a film into a social event. Besides, TV-shows are much more popular among this type of viewers.

I guess it`s easy to notice that TV-shows have become a massive hit in the past five years or so. But this tendency won`t stay with us for that long. Millennials are so going to kill it. You`d ask: “What`s wrong with modern TV-shows?” Apparently, they are too long, and that`s why they need to be excluded from our daily routines. What will come instead of them? This is a quite logical question everybody`s interested in. Short 5-minute Facebook or YouTube videos. They save much more time.

However, as my sibling once noted: “I can`t write an essay about a TV-show, can I?” So he spent twice as much time to watch “Dunkirk” that he would have spent watching his favorite TV-show, and finished writing a review well past midnight. Still, I’m really glad he preferred the film.

There Is Too Much Attention Towards Food

Space Food

Millennials have brought so many new different variations of food to the modern world and now they want to destroy it? Pretty much yes. Perhaps, these guys are tired of all those smoothie and pumpkin latte memes on the Internet? Or they may be done with that mocking because they spend so much money on fancy brunches? No matter what the reason is, you won`t be seeing any of that around soon.

The good tendency is though that the generation Y aren`t big fans of fast food. Some scientists have even predicted that McDonald`s and KFC will experience a huge decrease in the profit. Don`t worry, brunches will disappear as well. Millennials have created them and they`ll bury them. There is not enough time for decent food consumption. To all nutritionists this must sound like the most horrifying nightmare.

We`re supposed to eat slowly and chew carefully? Yeah, right! How about space food in the tubes? Millennials find this way of consuming all necessary calories very promising. Why not? It will have all vitamins and minerals, it won`t be too fatty, so it sounds like a good idea.

French people won`t be too thrilled about this though. They care about the sanctity of traditions of eating way too much.

Crazy Workaholics

Who has told you that millennials are lazy? They may be living with their parents up to their late twenties or even early thirties, but it`s not because they don`t work, it`s because they want to save money on cool stuff like traveling and modern gadgets. In fact, studies have reported that some millennials work up to 16 hours per day! They are very persistent and goal-oriented. They seem like the biggest catch for the modern employers, isn`t that right?

Oops, not so much. The generation Y absolutely hates routine office 9-5 work, so they are planning on killing this concept just like they`ve killed all the other stuff. No dress code, no handshakes, no subordination, no 8-hour-long working day. Also, they have zero willingness to work for companies which are harmful to the environment. Taking into consideration that these youngsters refuse to use cars, some predictions go as far as the possibility of oil industry’s death.

There are so many more concepts that millennials are killing right at the moment or have already killed. Marriage, loans, traditional dates, sex, romance, usual baby names (Khaleesi sounds pretty cool though), retirement savings (because they live in the moment). Also, they have shot dead the tourist sphere because they travel around the world by themselves without anybody`s help. (Perhaps with just a little help from their mobile apps.)

Wow! Millennials now seem like some serial killers, don`t they? This site will give you the full list of their victims.

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