10 Best 2018 Jobs for College Students

Office Worker

You don`t want to waste your precious time on unsatisfying and underpaid jobs, do you? That`s why you`re working so hard all this time in order to get to the upper middle class people find so desirable.

I understand how you might feel at the moment, piled with all these home projects and, maybe, some extracurricular and part-time job duties. Just know that our team is always here, on the other side of the screen, to provide you with 24/7 assignment help.

I will tell you one thing: get into the sphere of management. Because these guys are ruling the top ten best jobs of this year. Perhaps you think that being a manager is staying in a small cubicle, having a 9-5 life and being so-called “office plankton”. Sorry, dear, but your idea here is somewhat delusional.

You may have noticed that a stereotypical office worker is often depicted in movies. They don`t seem to be the most interesting characters. Do you remember how nobody of friends knew what Chandler Bing`s work was? The guys had no idea because it had something to do this numbers, analysis, and some other boring stuff. Nevertheless, Chandler had a pretty good salary. There are too many misconceptions about what the work of a manager is all about.

Glassdoor has revealed their annual rating of top professions. The factors they took into consideration were the salary, the level of satisfaction of the workers, and the number of job openings.

Be careful, you may start thinking about changing your career aspirations after reading this article.

  • 10. Project Manager

    What have we told you? We start with the manager, and you`ll see many those bad boys (and girls because we don`t need that gender inequality) further on the list. They get $61,000 per year for their hard work. And the overall satisfaction level is 3.5 out of 5. Project managers feel pretty good about their lives, they know that there are not so many professionals like them, and if they do their work really good, their salary will be more than pleasing.

    If you`ve been wondering what they actually do for a living, I`m not sure that somebody will give you a definite, full answer. They basically have a project that they need to manage, apparently. But if you already have a spark of interest in your eyes, fine, we`ll go into some detail.

    First and foremost, a project manager is supposed to create an idea. Then they gather a team to bring this idea to life. They are big bosses, they control everything, they manage big bucks, talk to investors, and create something really cool. That`s a very responsible job and it gives you an opportunity to lead a huge project. At least that`s how the project managers of our essay help service team work.

  • 9. Business Analyst

    Business Analyst

    The only “not-manager” here. Seriously, it may seem like a spoiler alert, but all of them are managers! Now show me a person who said it was a boring profession. It`s not! And we`ve got the proof for you. Business analysts earn around $54,000, which is a smaller sum than our #10 contestant gets. But the overall satisfaction rate is 3.7 out of 5. Apparently, these guys just love to analyze business. Is that really what they do?

    It`s possible to say that their job is rather creative but with a huge mathematical and logical inclination. Let`s take a huge international company like “Google” or “Amazon”. Surely, when you deal with a business like this, you need to take all potential risks into consideration, you have to know all the steps of your competitors, and of course, analyze the information from all possible sources, finding a way how to make a company more profitable and effective.

  • 8. Commercial Manager

    I hope you`re not surprised anymore. You`re going to see even more managers on this list. Commercial managers have so many responsibilities. You may even say that the development and success of a company largely depend on those people. Their salary is around $72,000, and this is well-deserved money.

    No wonder, they are so satisfied with the work. The rate is 3.8. Commercial managers negotiate with partners, sign the big-bucks contracts, are involved in risk management. All kinds of fun! If you want to feel like you carry the whole company on your shoulders and you`re an irreplaceable worker, then you should definitely choose this profession.

  • 7. Contract Manager

    In terms of money, $55,600 may not seem as appealing as the salary of a commercial manager. However, the overall satisfaction rate is higher – 4.0.

    I don`t think it`s that necessary to go on and on about the specifics of a contract manager’s work. There are a few things that you should know: they are great diplomats, they always know what the best terms of an agreement for their company are, and they are masters of bargaining. If you want to find out more about this profession, just visit this site.

  • 6. HR Manager

    These managers hold the power in their arms to decide the fate of so many people. They are responsible for hiring. Once you`ve become an employee, it`s their job to pay attention to your well-being, work conditions, and relationships with colleagues. $63,500 is the sum they earn per year. Whether it`s enough or not so much, it`s up to you to decide. HR managers are quite happy with their posts, and the rate of their happiness is 4.2

  • 5. Product Manager

    A bigger salary ($72,200) but a smaller rate of satisfaction (3.7). However, these two characteristics combined make product managers pretty content with their profession.

    Before we discuss their responsibilities, let`s find out what kind of product they are dealing with. In most cases, these guys work for technology companies. They are in charge of one of this company’s products. They represent the brand, they calculate the risks, and they are involved in marketing.

  • 4. Finance Manager

    Lots of Money

    Finance managers get the salary that can be called whopping in comparison to other jobs listed here. It`s $85,000 per year. Not bad, huh? It`s understandable because dealing with finances of a huge company is a hard work. They are responsible for millions if not billions of dollars, so yes, it seems pretty fair. However, the satisfactory level is no more than 3.6. That is probably because of all pressure and stress.

  • 3. Audit Manager

    Okay, we know what “manager” here means. But what`s the deal with the audit? Honestly, the description seems a bit boring, but people seem to enjoy this work. If you like logical analysis and mathematics, you`re so going to like audit management. These guys deal with loads of highly important paperwork and make sure that everything in the company works in accordance with law, timetable, financial plan, and so on. You`ll be paid around $76,500 and you`ll be satisfied with your job at the rate of 3.6.

  • 2. Operations Manager

    Yes, I must admit that the salary isn`t that high ($58,300). However, operations managers seem to be really happy with their jobs. It`s 4.0 at that satisfaction scale. Speaking frankly, it`s hard to say what these guys do for a living. Their responsibilities depend on the type of a company. But generally, they deal with assurance and supervising, they train new employees, and find the ways to improve effectiveness and productivity of the company.

  • 1. Marketing Manager


    Yep, advertising rules the world, and it needs good leaders. That`s a job for marketing managers. They get $58,300. The overall satisfaction level is 4.0, but apparently, it`s still a better profession than operations managers despite the fact that the numbers are identical. These guys are creative, attentive to details, know a lot about the budget, and they know how to make everybody buy the product of their company. They are practically marketing wizards.

    Are you interested in this profession and want to know more? This article will be a great help for you.

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