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The German language sounds like a beautiful melody. That`s what people who have never heard it might think. As a person who has started learning German from Rammstein’s lyrics, I`ve got to say that it sounds like a rock song.

French can remind you of a romance. You can associate the Spanish language with a rhythmic and passionate melody like pasodoble. And German is definitely a hard-rock song. Okay, we can all agree that it`s the most beautiful language on the planet.

There are so many memes on the Internet which are constantly mocking this language! Have you seen the one with a butterfly? Okay, get ready because you`re so going to turn into a polyglot after reading this article.

“A butterfly” in Italian is “Farfalla” (sounds like a name of some dessert with creme). In French it will sound like “Papillon” (that`s a perfect name for a puppy). These are just magnificent and very harmonious. And now it`s time for the German version. “Schmetterling”. It`s like you`re supposed to pronounce it with an angry face, this is the only way you can do it.

But all memes aside, German is a very popular language worldwide, understandably, many students are trying to learn it. Are you one of those students? So how is it going so far?

Yes, German isn`t easy with all the grammar rules and the weird habit of that nation to write all the nouns in capital letters. So, we decided that it`s our obligation to help you out. We`ll never ever propose anything boring to you, so how about some interesting literature?

When you`ve just started learning a language, it can be hard to read books because you`re not familiar with all basic vocabulary yet. That`s why we`ve got the list of books for all levels of knowledge. And we also have this site for you, which will help improve your vocabulary.

A1: Der Süße Brei (Sweet Porridge)

You may be familiar with this German fairytale from elementary school. However, you must have read it in English, and now it`s time for the original version. Who says that fairytales are only for kids? I bet every adult will find something useful and illuminative in this old story. Linguists recommend starting learning a foreign language just like babies learn their mother tongue. With fairytales! That`s the very first literature that we become big fans of since the young age.

A2: Arc de Triomphe (Arch of Triumph)

And you thought that German was too complicated! Look at that title, it`s practically the same as the English one. In case you`ve missed some world literature classes at school, we`ll remind you that this is a novel by an iconic German writer Erich Maria Remarque. Are we offering you to read the whole novel written by a native speaker if you have only A2 level? Yep, exactly!

Put all the worries aside, Remarque writes in short and simple sentences. His works are easy for understanding. Perhaps, you`ll be up for a little challenge, but it will help you to get straight to the level B1.

When I was a student, one of my mates quoted “Arch of Triumph” in practically each college essay. He was kind of in love with this novel and its author (please get me right here). So, this book can help you not only to upgrade your German skills but also to write college papers.

“Dann Rufen Alle Hoppelpopp” is an alternative for you if you still are sure that “Arc de Triomphe” is super complicated. At this point, you must know some German, so do you really need the translation of this title? Fine, it`s “Then All Will Call Hoppelpopp”. It`s not a classy novel, it`s just a fairytale about five rabbits who are brothers. Once they decided to find out who is the strongest and the fastest among them. This is a story about the spirit of rivalry put in the simplest words possible. You`re going to love it.

B1: Die Wahre Geschichte von McDonald’s (“A True Story of McDonald`s”)


The book was written by Ray Croc. And let me just tell you that this man knows how to write laconically and logically. You will like this story not just because of the simple, bright language but because of the plot itself. It will teach you how to be persistent and never stop on the way to your dream. Besides, it`s always interesting to find out how the king of fast food empire was born and gained its powerful influence. You`ll see some complicated vocabulary here which relates to the sphere of business and economy, but it`s your great chance to see how to use these terms in the right context.

B2: Procesul (“Process”)

We`re so going to teach you how to love classic literature. There are some books that you should definitely be familiar with. Besides, you always need a ready answer to a question: “What is your favorite book?”

Usually, when somebody asks us about it, we fall into the pit of oblivion, and it may seem that we`re absolute dummies who have never read a book in their entire lives. But you have! And you know a lot of books, but somehow their titles are just slipping away from you when you`re trying to catch them in the jungles of your memory.

Just say that your favorite book is “Process” by Franz Kafka, and you`ll be saved. What is more, if you mention that you`ve read the original version, you`ll immediately become a super brainiac in the eyes of other people. Just like any work by Franz Kafka, it is a mix of people`s emotions, struggles, and paradoxes of the fate. The main character of this novel gets arrested by an unknown organization and they set him free because they are sure that he won`t run away.

It`s a messy life situation, but you`ll enjoy discovering it from all possible angles. Besides, you`ll find a lot of useful vocabulary there. However, in it you’ll come across a few terms used in law and politics.

By the way, if you need some assignment help with either literature or these two subjects, qualified specialists from our team are always here for you.

C1: Mein Mann, Seine Frauen und Ich, Hera Lind


And this long title stands for “My Husband, His Wives and Me, Hera Lind”. Well, that`s intriguing! Do you think it can be about open relationships? Nope, not really.

This book will help you to find out more about Muslim traditions. The main character of this story is a divorced woman who loves her work a lot. She`s very demanding when it comes to men, but finally falls in love with a Muslim man who already has one wife. Apparently, two wives aren`t enough for this guy, so he decides that he needs the whole set of three ladies in his home. Wow, can you imagine the tension in that family?

How about something more relaxing? We`ve got another book prepared for you. Well, you deserve it! You`ve managed to get as high as to level C1 in learning German. For us, you`re a hero already.

So, “Sternental” (or “Star Valley”) by Steve Whitton is basically like a German version of “The Hobbit”. It has an original plot, don`t worry. I mean that if you`re into stories about a fantasy world, universal evil, and magic stuff, you`re going to like this one. It will help you to learn a lot of interesting vocabulary. Do you know how to say “a werewolf”, “an elf”, or “a goblin” in German? Well, after reading a story about “Starnental” you`ll know how.

Do you think this is it? We can offer you even more interesting books in German in this article.

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