A Student Startup: Rules of Success


So, you`ve read all those stories about Mark Zuckerberg`s and Bill Gates` success and found out that their path to billions of dollars started during student time. Just remember that in both cases it was Harvard and that both ingenious entrepreneurs didn`t get a chance to graduate. Nevertheless, you can see the correlation between that time when you`re the most open-minded, free-spirited, and have an opportunity to start your own business.

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Why can`t you actually do it right now? What kind of obstacles can you find on your way? University seems like a perfect time for reckless experiments with startups. Even if an idea itself seems worthless and too risky, why won`t you go for it? While you`re a student, you have more time than you`d have if you had a job.

I know what you are going to say: “We don`t have free time with all the assignments and projects!” Sweeties, if only you spent a little less time on procrastination, you`d find yourself in a field of free time.

When you are working, you have all these responsibilities and bills to pay. You can`t afford to get distracted with some hobby that can potentially bring you big bucks if at the moment you have a job that brings you actual money.

You can take a risk if you`re a student, you have the whole life ahead, and you know that whatever mistake you make, it`s not the end of the world. But when you become an adult or, perhaps you even start a family, there is no place for reckless decisions in your life.

And now it`s time to find out about the rules of successful entrepreneurship.

No, we`re not the people who will be giving those tips. We wish we knew that much about the ways of earning a couple of billions of dollars. It`s Jessica Livingston who will share her priceless wisdom with you. It`s a lady who is a business accelerator of Silicon Valley. She has been watching thousands of companies becoming huge and incredibly successful, so she definitely knows what she`s talking about.

How Lucky Are You?

I have to be brutally honest with you, guys. I don`t know how the following advice from this lady, incredibly experienced in business affairs, will help you, but I hope that every one of you will be able to find something useful in it.

She says you need to be lucky. Like we had no idea that a lucky ticket from the fate will solve all our problems! Jessica Livingston admits that many startups turned out awesome and profitable just because they appeared at the right time.

It`s obvious that there are some things that only the universe is responsible for, and you can`t influence that in any way. But you can be very attentive and always keep a sharp mind. Don`t miss out on any opportunity, hold on to your chance, you may not get another one. Remember: one coincidence may turn your life upside down.

Get the Right Motivation

What is the main purpose of this hard work? Why do you want your startup to work out? Is it because of money? That`s totally fine, everybody loves money because it gives you so many opportunities and so much joy.

Is it because you want to make the world a better place? Very ambitious of you, don`t give up on that dream. A Silicon Valley entrepreneur states that the right motivation is highly important.

But which one is right? You don`t have to go out of your way to make your company look cool. Don`t pretend that you have an enormous amount of cash and you can buy leather sofas for every room in the office. Keep it chill. Your potential customers will most likely to be millennials. They despise ostentatious luxury, so something simple, stylish, and practical will be the best choice.

Aim Big

Chanel Logo

You may try to find your niche in a certain sphere and produce something that will be aimed at a narrow audience. But our American business adviser doesn`t approve that. You need a big audience. And in order to get so many people to buy the stuff you offer, you have to sell this thing or service to yourself.

Most of the startups had a beginning like this. What would you buy? What service will make your life much easier and productive? What would you like to get as a birthday present? (Those look like the topics of college essays, don`t they?)

When you find it useful, there is a huge chance that you`re not alone in this. There are many more people who have the same needs. So, Jessica says that in order to become successful you have to have a big audience. Or you need to have a high price. If it`s something cheap that a small number of people would like to buy you`ll go broke.

Let`s take a look at fashion. There are companies like “Zara” or “H&M”, which produce mass-market clothes. Their jeans and sweaters aren`t unique but they are stylish and affordable enough, so many people buy them. And there are companies like “Chanel” or “Dior” producing haute couture clothes which are luxurious and expensive. And all of these companies are successful and profitable.

Fear Is Natural, But You Have to Fight It


I bet that at least once in your life an idea of some startup has hit you. You could have even planned some details and imagined how that might have worked out. But it all remained just a dream. Why so?

It`s probably because of fear. This monster is a very serious obstacle. People either don`t believe in the possibility of success or are scared of a failure. They don`t know how to begin and how to find people who will become their business partners. Big ideas are scary or, perhaps it just seems they are.

You shouldn`t join the ranks of those who think so. Develop your own philosophy of success and bring it to being. How about your study? You know that our 24/7 online assignment help is just around the corner.

Obsession Is Not a Bad Thing

Generally, when a person is obsessed with something, it is perceived as a negative tendency. It can`t be considered to be a huge problem until it interferes with your life and your interactions with other people.

In fact, if you`re obsessed with your startup, you`ll become successful much faster. People who have fire in their eyes and souls are able to spread that fire and passion around them. Co-workers and employees will feel that power and that persistence, which are highly contagious, and will work even harder.

Many people will tell you that having an obsession is unhealthy, it may get you burnt out very fast and you`ll lose the interest towards your own business. This can be true if you`re working for some company with a bunch of strangers. But when you put so much effort into a startup which you can practically call your baby, that`s a totally different thing.

You Still Will Have to Become a Manager


You`ve been working so hard to start your own business and to make it profitable just so you won`t have to become a manager and sit in an office all day long. Guess what? You won`t run away from this profession. You have to be a creative core of your company and a person who can effectively coordinate the work of all employees.

That`s what Jessica Livingston calls a good manager. Yep, you need to combine these two functions. Controlling the work of others is never easy. You need to have developed emotional intelligence and just be a reasonable human being.

However, even this may not be enough. You can find some more information right in this article.

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