5 Creativity Rules for Anyone


One doesn’t have to go in for music, drawing or something else like that in order to be a creative person. Creative approach can be used according to daily activities and to help you reach great results.

  • 1. You Need to Practice in Order to Do Something Well

    Creativity has many things in common with driving a car. Both activities require much practice: studying basis, rules, methods. But to make theory useful, you’ve got to act: to sit behind the wheel or to handle a brush.

    Of course, it is much easier to think about yourself as of non-creative person who “can’t do that”. Putting efforts and working on yourself and your skills is much more difficult.

  • 2. Take Decisions Creatively

    Each new day is full of creative possibilities. Your abilities can show-up in daily actions: breakfast preparing, clothing choice, working troubles solving etc.

    Creativity is not limited by the art. Creativity is not something unfamiliar to chiefs, lawyers, politicians, dentists, drivers and so on. They create as well, despite they don’t call their actions as “creativity”.

    Every human has creative abilities and their need in them. There surely is an activity in your life you can’t stop doing: to bake cakes, to write stories, to take photos… These are creative impulses one can’t suppress.

  • 3. Shake Your Mind Up

    Do you remember that moment from the movie called “Dead Poets’ Society”, when professor Kitting got onto the table? He explained this simple action to remind him one simple truth: anything is to be seen from different viewpoints.

    Looking onto something from the other side is a good way to get rid of stereotypes.

    Additionally, small shakeups are great to awake your creativeness. Do you always come back home by the same way? Go find another road today. Do you paint with a brush a bit? Buy markers and draw with them. Write with your left hand (with right if you are left-handed). Get off the well-known tracks.

  • 4. Have a Short Media Offline

    You stand under the heavy informational pressure every day: 24/7 news, senseless emails, tens of new movies and even more TV-channels, magazines, newspapers, ads, T-shirt prints and so on. This all disorients you.

    Hold an easy experiment: get away from this flow for 2-3 days and clean your mind from info-waste.

    Refuse TV. Don’t use Internet. Don’t check email box. Turn off the radio. Don’t read newspapers, magazines or books. 

    Of course, you should act thoroughly. If you can’t do your job without emails, try answering only the most important ones. And spend less time surfing the internet in the evening.

    Once you get rid of unnecessary information (even partially) you’ll see how much free time appears. Focus your attention on useful activities.

  • 5. Don’t Look for Inspiration, Act

    Inspired Person

    Don’t expect a revelation to flash up your mind. Inspiration comes through the process. Just sit and do once you feel afraid of a failure, or when you are too lazy as well. Don’t pay attention to the internal criticist.

    If you need to create a plan of your speech, take a paper and write there anything that comes to your mind. Let this to be a black paper, which is going to be rewritten five times. You’ll have something to work with at least.

    Start working and your muse will sit nearby to help you. But she won’t kick you off the sofa. You have to make a first step on your own.

    The best way to get rid of procrastination at any case is to start acting.

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