Apathy and How to Deal with It

Person Suffering Apathy

No joy, no sadness, no anger, and no enthusiasm and passion as well. Apathy infiltrates every field of your life. Though not caring touches one of them, and apathy covers you fully.

Apathy is a symptom, shown-up as indifference, detached state of mind, lack of wish to do anything.

Here are some signs of apathy:

  • Usual interests and hobbies don’t bring satisfaction;
  • You feel unmotivated, you’ve lost the ability to motivate yourself;
  • Every time you start doing something, you lose interest in some minutes;
  • You spend a lot of time near a TV-set or a laptop;
  • You avoid meeting with friends who are full of energy;
  • You fill your life with thoughtless tasks, and behave unconsciously;
  • You eat a lot and exercise less.

The complexity of “curing” the apathy is that, the “sick person” is not interested in treatment, is not motivated. Still, you need to work on yourself a bit (2-3 days), and it disappears. Here are some effective ways.

  • 1. Start from Perspective

    Apathy is a temporary state, it doesn’t determine your personality. You are not really lazy, not silly, not boring, and not unmotivated. Apathy tells you in what state you are now exactly and nothing more. Most people read this phrase and don’t believe in it, thinking they’ll be like that forever. Find a few minutes and work on yourself. Remind yourself about accidents like this: you’ve always come back to a normal shape, haven’t you?

  • 2. Determine the Reason

    It is not always possible, so you probably won’t find the actual reason. But it is possible. Here are possible reasons:

    • Lack of physical activity, sports;
    • Bad eating, lack of vitamins;
    • Unfinished tasks that get your energy away from you;
    • Anxiety before something important, humility according to a failure.

    Try determining a reason as precisely as possible.

  • 3. Change what You Can Change

    Inertia law works in psychology. This means sometimes you need to move towards any direction in order to gain speed.

    For example, you’ve found out the reason to be psychological only. What is that: anxiety, low self-esteem, no belief in yourself? You can deal with it all, you just need to start. Find materials about the trouble, read them, understand them according to your situation and start moving. It doesn’t matter the speed is low. Ask yourself: what can I do right now, spending 5-10 minutes of my time, and what can help?

    Sometimes, you only need to wash the dishes in order to launch a home cleaning process.

  • 4. Create Little Stresses

    Remember, apathy is when you feel neither cold, nor hot. So you need to start that: go out on a frost. Get yourself into a difficult situation.

    • Do regular things in another way;
    • Wake up early;
    • Build new connections;
    • Visit an interview you won’t pass for sure.

    You need to break your regular routine. Unpleasant moments can help you do that just like pleasant ones.

  • 5. Create Your Mood

    Place yourself into a situation or a company, where people are full of energy and charged with positivity. For instance, go in for creative, actors’ or dancing courses.

    You can just listen to music. Are you bored with regular tracks? Download several tens of unknown groups’ albums, and listen to them all. Watch comedies, create your mood. If you do something new, you’ll lead yourself to a new status.

  • 6. Remind Yourself Your Past Joys

    Smiling Face

    Now get separated from the outer world for an hour and spend it with a pen and a notebook. Remind yourself about all kinds of activities that made you happy earlier. Don’t neglect the smallest details: sometimes lack of them is the reason of apathy. Haven’t you eaten your favorite yogurt for long? Haven’t you seen a sunset for ages? Go and do that.

  • 7. Find "Low Fruits”

    There is something pleasant near you in your life for sure, you just can’t mention it. For instance, your best friend you forgot about, or a book you always wanted to read. Think about what can be pleasant, and then take it.

  • 8. Choose One Thing

    It can happen that way, you’ll have lots of possibilities to relax. Don’t try getting them all at a time. Choose the best one and go in for it. Don’t think you lose something.

  • 9. Divide Your Tasks into Pieces

    What if apathy doesn’t let you go yet, but you need to work on a new project? There is no way out, you need to do that.

    Do at least something. If you need to write a book, write a page per day. You need to create a stable chain.

  • 10. Know All About Habits

    Apathy comes when you’re trapped in routine, this means you’ve developed some boring habits. Life is so grey that your brain performs everything automatically. So, find out what are habits, and what habits you’ve got.

    The best way:

    1. Write down all bad habits;
    2. Write down all good habits;
    3. Think about what good habits can be called as the opposite to bad ones, and replace bad with good.
    4. Try not to get rid of your good habits because your brain is likely to start an uprising against that.

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