How Can the Color of Your Clothes Make People Do What You Want?

It is a well-known fact that certain colors in your outfit can influence the way you feel. Everyone chooses clothes of preferable colors, and these colors usually match nicely. However, the variety of colors in your wardrobe can be a hint to what kind of personality you have. These signals are subconscious, and while the most of people are unaware of the influence the color in the clothes possesses, you can use it for your benefit. So, what do people feel about you if they see you wearing…


This color is associated with a serious and reliable person. There are more chances for people to find you trustworthy, when you are wearing blue, than any other color. This is a perfect choice for a job interview – not as dark and independent as black, but a soft color of calmness and wisdom. You can also wear blue when you have lack confidence and feel nervous to calm down.

Worker Blue


Red is a color of dynamics and passion. When someone is wearing red, it means they want to drag attention. You have to be careful with the shade you are wearing, as a too bright red is a signal of an opinionated person, an absolute leader. This is a good choice for a party, but not a color to wear daily in the office. If you are meeting a friend, better choose dark red in order not to look aggressive.


Green is the color of a stable person that is certain about their life choices. This is a color you can wear when you have a concrete purpose of the meeting. There is a higher chance that a person will lend you money or let you return a borrowed book later if you are wearing green while asking about it.


Yellow is both the color of the Sun and a color representing danger (remember the “Caution” signs). This color can make you and the people around you smile more often. Yellow is a safe choice, when you want to make an impression of a self-confident person, but do not feel comfortable wearing red.


Brown is a color of chocolate, wood and coffee. It is a warm color that can work for you both when you want your friend to feel comfortable during a long conversation or convince that you are the best candidate for a certain position. You can give someone a brown scarf as a present that will make him or her feel cozy and warm.

Friends Talking


White is known to be a color of peace and joy. You can wear it when you are meeting someone after a quarrel to make up again. The clothes of this color can also easily get dirty, so the outfit with white items will underline you being tidy and careful. People will automatically think, that if you are neatly dressed, everything in your life is in order as well.

You should be careful with wearing black, as it gives no hint about your personality. It is a choice of a person, who does not want to be noticed, who wants to observe, but remain a mystery for others. It is also a color of grief. People do not tend to trust someone in black, and it creates an effect of them being distant.

The History of Colors

The roots of colors’ ongoing impact take us back to the ancient period. However, you should take into account that fact that not all cultures in the world perceive colors and their meanings the same. Even more, some meanings that appear to be totally the same can “wear” absolutely contrasting colors. Let us take a process of funeral as an example. In Europe, people who grieve usually wear black on the funerals to show their sorrow with this shade.

However, in China and Japan the symbolic color of death is white and all people show their grief by wearing white clothes. Such differences may be significant and very confusing for those being in an international company that tingles lots of cultures with various views of colors’ meanings. Therefore, to avoid any misunderstanding get acknowledged with the main points of every event you are going to attend.

While in Western culture brides usually wear white dresses to their weddings, which represents purity and innocence, Indian beauties are all being surrounded by red color including painting their body with henna and receiving gifts in red packages, because red is there a color of prosperity and wealth.

In such countries, as Caribbean Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico the color for police uniforms is… white. This color indicates their authority and respect. So, bear in mind how to dress like when going to visit another part of the world because it may completely change the way people see you.

How Do They Do That?

First of all, it is a historical aspect that influences us at most. We see a green berry and we know it is not ripened yet until it is red or blue or some other color. A person has a red face and we know that something is going wrong with him or her.

Today we are convinced that pink is a female color and blue is more masculine, based on different hypothesis but the most common one is that women are used to see red when collecting harvest and men look at the blue sky when hunting for animals. Try to change the colors on both genders and gather them in one room – at least 95% of people will think the colors should be exchanged. That is how a society’s opinion influences our perception.

If you want to impress your boss and get a desirable promoting, you should count on black and pastel colors instead of gaudy and bright ones. The secret is, such color choice makes you look more serious and notable, thus, perceiving you more earnest and listening to your opinion more often.

Color psychology is extremely useful in a marketing sphere and a significant number of people use this knowledge to support their general look. Just have a closer look on these studies and you will be surprised that it really does its work.


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    When you want to make an impression, wear white.

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