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Writing an essay on career is a kind of specific text, requiring some special preparations. Finding a fitting answer on a question “Who do I want to be?” or “What are my plans for the next 5/10/15/20 years?” is not that easy. It wants the career essay writer to be concentrated and to have their needs precisely determined.

The article written below describes some recommendations, advices and thoughts to consider while writing. Following these tips would help you to compose your text in the way more suitable.

Career Essay Planning

The first thing to do is writing your plan. Completing a perfect plan needs thinking. Try to focus your mind on what you exactly want from yourself in future. Yet don’t go too far: “I want to make lots of money” is not a solid career goal to describe it separately. Think about professional skills, needed to make your goal come real, and on your personal ambitions which are going to help you move forward.

Knowing where to go is a half of the deal.

Essay on Career Intro

The introduction of your career essay can be absolutely different. Some ideas on how to start your text:

  • Present yourself in 3-4 sentences. Name, surname, age, interests and hobbies, plans for your future profession;
  • Going from afar: modern world description, mentioning huge possibilities for humans today, various professional and career fields;
  • Student life description: the variety of dreams, plans for future, doubts and expectations.

These are only few variants for you how to start your essay on career. Got some different ideas? Good, they are guaranteed to be original.

Main Essay Body

Blank Sheet

Here goes your “writing space”. Describe your educational plans, hobbies, skills and even dreams, which can help you reach the expected peak of your career. Maybe, you are a future doctor, and you’ve got serious plans for any kind of biological researches, called to make human life longer and better? Or you’ve got some ideas on how to make yourself a famous business person? Or, maybe, you wish to become a well-known artist, musician, IT-developer?

Then, describe why you chose your way as your passion and career goal. Write, what you expect to reach in your field, and how you see yourself as a “successful career builder”.

One thing: concentrate exactly on your PROFESSIONAL plans, not dreams like “travelling around the world”, or “an idea of peace all over the globe”. “Career” doesn’t always mean “life-goal”.

Though, if you want to put your life on becoming a scientist who finds the cure on HIV, that’s different.

Career Essay Conclusion

This specific topic requires a conclusion to become a classical “ending”. You don’t actually need to conclude anything about any viewpoint. One of the most popular ways to end such an essay is the expression of hope and will. Despite being quite widespread, such a final for one’s career essay seems to be one of the best.

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