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It is a well-known fact that it is easier for a person to find solutions for someone else’s problems than for his/her own ones. It is explained by the fact that when you get too involved, when you are in the middle of some situation it is very hard to be impartial and to see the picture as a whole, not just from the place where you are standing at the moment. Check out these books and, maybe, one of them will give you a great advice and help you to look at your life from the different angle.

College courtyard

Tom Wolfe, I am Charlotte Simmons

The main character of this book, Charlotte Simmons, is a girl from a small mountain town in North Carolina. Charlotte is very smart, gentle, shy, naïve, she was an excellent student in high school and a real good girl, who has never done anything against her parents’ will and has always been making them happy and proud. She gets accepted in one of the best universities and is looking forward to finding friends with whom she would open the whole new world while studying in this great place. But everything turns out to be not the way she had expected. Charlotte finds out that the biggest interests of the university students are alcohol, sex, partying, being “cool” and having fun. This young inexperienced girl has a lot of choices to make that will influence her entire life.

When writing this book the author has spent four years in campuses of different colleges, observing and noting everything he sees, that is why many scenes described in “I am Charlotte Simmons” are so realistic.

Usual internship

Nick O’Donohoe, The Magic and the Healing

This is a story about BJ Vaughan, a young college graduate and a future veterinarian, who tries to deal with her mother’s recent death. BJ gets invited to join a group of students for an unusual internship and finds herself in the place, full of amazing creatures – unicorns, griffins, magical cats. While trying to help those unusual and beautiful animals and to save this place from an upcoming disaster, BJ deals with the problems of her own, makes important discoveries and turns from a lost girl into a wise woman.

Alison Lurie, Foreign affairs

For this smart and emotional novel which shows what it is like to live in the foreign country, its author received a Pulitzer Prize in 1984. The book tells a story of a fifty-four years old college professor Virginia Miner, a divorced lady who is satisfied with her life and is obsessed with everything connected with England, and her young and handsome colleague Fred, who is annoyed with food, people, weather  and anything else of the Great Britain. These two American professors go to England for six months to work in the local university and none of them is planning to get into a relationship. But things do not work out the way they planned - both Virginia and Fred meet someone, who changes their lives completely. University life is a background and a very important part of this book, which is full of light and humor. It is a story about love, loneliness, life choices and the beauty of our lives.

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