Ways to Cheat on Your Exams

The professors mostly share a point of view that students only cheat because of laziness. However, it is not really true. It is impossible to know everything. We might do our best to remember all the materials, all the data, all the formulas and definitions, but there is hardly anyone who succeeded. Apart from that, some students have their job, health issues and family situations that make getting ready to the exams harder. These are the reasons that bring students to a thought that cheating might be an option. Here are some ways of cheating.

Scared of teacher

Cooperation with friends

In case you have a list of questions for the exam, you can divide them into parts and each student will only have to research for their part, as well as writing some crib sheets for it. After this, you can exchange your materials and come up with a plan of using the cribs you have. For example, think of a sign that you will give your classmate when you need to get the sheet out and the classmate will distract the teacher with a question.

Using self-made cribs

Talking about cribs, here are some types existing:

  • Simple crib, a piece of paper with small written text.
  • Invisible cheat, a result of writing an answer on a paper, having a blank paper under it. If you press harder on a pen, the answer will be still visible on the second paper sheet, but with no ink.
  • Crib on the table. If you know where you are going to sit, simply write down the information neatly with a pencil directly on a table. Come early to check if the writing is still there.
  • Clothing cheats. Simply attach the cheat to the piece of cloth you are going to be wearing.
  • Crib-book, meaning single cheat sheets organizing into a tiny book.

Cheat sheets

Use of technology

At the moment students can use a variety of progress results to cheat on their exam. You can prepare electronic cheats and bring them on your phone. You can send an SMS to a person, who knows the answer. You can go further and get some special items, like a watch with an ability to store documents or some camera glasses that can relay the answers to your eyes. There are also special high-tech pens either with tiny screens, or with an ability to display the answers when exposed to the paper.

Write the answers on your body parts

Not only arms can be used for this purpose. You can write answers between fingers, on your tummy where you can look under the shirt without looking suspicious. For girls it is possible to keep the answers written on their legs under the shirt.

Asking us to help you

You can ask our writers to complete some assignments for, for example, an online test you find extremely difficult, can be finished and there is no need for you to get ready to it. So, instead of worrying about it, you can study for some other exams or simply enjoy your time, while others are trying to deal with shaking hands and nervousness.

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