What Is Dead Week in College?

Student during the dead week

Dead week is what the American students call the week before final exams in college. And you probably know why they call it that way. Yes, finals week is a crunch time. Does it really mean zero sleep, zero energy and zero motivation to do anything? Is it really a “dead” period of time? Yes, students usually are stressed out to the point of not being able to eat, not sleeping well, getting sick or pulling the hair out. First of all, none of that is worth it. We are sure you can figure out how to finish four essays, study for three final exams and prepare two projects during just seven days. Do not forget to breeze at the same time. It is the most wonderful time of the year, is not it?

Dead week is indeed very stressful but it can be overcome. You just need to put your nose to the grindstone and stay organized. Assignment help is one of the best ways out.

What Do Students Do During the Dead Week?

In most colleges and universities there is no instructions or discussions during the week before final exams. But the classes are still being conducted. So, students have not got so much time to prepare their papers properly and write hundreds of essays. What for is another question.

Dead week is the deadline for most the major college assignments. Of course, the students could have been done them before, everything has been on syllabus since the first day of college, but we all know that the paper will be done a couple days before its due date, right? Dead week in college is not only about the projects and essays, but also the presentations.

Dead week in college is the library’s big moment. It starts buzzing with students. It is time to buckle down and remember (in most cases learn) a material of an entire semester. This is what the dead week in college means. Yeah, it is exhausting and stressful but all you need to do is to organize your time.

How to Stay Super Organized During the Dead Week?

Here are some useful tips on how to survive the dead week in college and overcome final exams in the best way possible.

Schedule and Space Study Sessions

It is fundamental to schedule your college study in order to get the grades that you have been working towards the whole semester. And a planner will always help you with that. You probably have heard this many time already but planners are actually really useful, especially when it comes to the dead week and final exams in college. It is a great way to keep all your assignments organized and do not forget anything. Besides, you will want to check on the line next to the completed task as quickly as possible. One more tip is to start with the most difficult assignments when you are full of energy to do it.

Find Comfortable Setting

It is a place where you won’t get distracted by any noises. Usually, during dead week student spend hours and hours in the college library. It is a great option I need to say. You see dozens of people studying and do not want to lag behind. For me personally, the most comfortable setting is not a table in the library, but the bed. You can cover yourself with piles of books, drown in papers, project, presentations, and study all day long.

Sweets as a Tool

Sometimes students procrastinate a lot reading huge books. They just skip paragraphs or even pages to finish the boring assignment faster. In that case, try to use some sweets and put them on each paragraph that you are supposed to read. It really helps students to focus in order to get to the treat.

Use Your Phone

Yes, it is not a typo. You can actually use your phone, not as a distraction. There is a very helpful app called “Brainly”. Basically, what you do is just type in your questions, then choose a subject that is related to and within ten minutes people will respond to your questions. It is a perfect app to help you with general questions about which are written millions of articles without a need to go into details.

So, find the most productive time of the day for you, schedule your study, get A+ and get back to the “Friends”. 168 hours and you are back in the game seat.


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