Tiredness Brings Profits

Tiredness Benefits

Once a human gets tired, they start being clumsy. Being clumsy makes you irritated by yourself. Once you started losing cups, hitting corners with your little fingers and lagging while standing near an open fridge, that’s really a sign of the overwork. Put away all your plans and go to bed!

Yet clumsiness is not the only sign of tiredness. Here are some others, not that obvious marks.

Tired Person Risks Less

Many people know tiredness not to be a good ally when it comes to making decisions. Especially important ones.

Overwork really can influence your choice. Researches showed that humans being tired prefer a bird in a hand than two in the bush.

Oxford University experiments showed the tired participants not preferring risky behavior. For instance, they chose products in the shop more carefully, crossed the street thoroughly, etc. Plus, such people were more likely to take care of their health.

That is why being tired is not that bad once you take decisions about your health or finances. Check, how much money you spend while tired shopping? A chance to buy something impulsively is significantly decreased. 

On the other side, tiredness becomes an obstacle in making new connections and getting new experiments. Once you’re tired, you don’t want to get some adventures, to travel or to make friends with someone.

If you know how tiredness influences your decisions, you can be prepared to life situations. For example, to sleep well before any important presentation or other business meeting.

Overwork Brings You Back to Old Habits

Tiredness lowers your self-control. As a result, you become more likely to get back to your previous way of life, which is often not too useful.

For instance, if you decided to control what you eat, and to eat only a healthy food, then you have a greater chance to start eating fast-foods and chips again while being tired.

Good news then. Everything depends on your habits! If you got used to going for a walk before sleep, you’ll easily agree on the night promenade even while feeling like a squeezed lemon.

It is easier for tired brain and body to perform familiar actions then to do something new.

Remember about this property of tiredness while moving through the way of changes and introducing new habits into your life.

Overwork peaks, when you want to throw it all away, will obligatory happen. Yet it is possible to overcome this feeling.

For instance, you’ve come home from the office. You’re so tired you can’t think about c0ooking something healthy for supper. You glimpse at the sandwich with butter and a cup of sweet tea. For such cases, you should have cards with some healthy food recipes nearby, so you could switch your brain off and simply follow instructions. 

Same thing goes with tasks. While planning, look not only on their priority, yet on difficulty, too. Mark tasks you can do automatically with a green pencil (or in any other comfortable way) and switch to them while your working day is far from the end and the energy is extremely low.

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