10 Possible Future Professions

Future Professions

Modern civilization is developing with extremely high speeds. Humans constantly tend to improve the quality of their lives, to provide more comfort and more pleasure into everything surrounding them. This leads to the market changes. New techniques, new gadgets, technologies and services need their own qualified specialists to exist. Let’s try to think out 10 future professions which are likely to be wanted in various fields in 10 to 20 years.

1. Privacy Consultant

A specialist who will eliminate weaknesses and check privacy & security settings of your social media accounts, emails, messengers etc.

2. City Plant Watcher

City living spaces experts. Specialists in this field will help in growing plants on the rooftops and higher floors of skyscrapers.

3. Natural Interface Designer

A programmer which will adapt new generation gadgets for average users to control them. The mission of this specialist will be teaching the gadgets to understand gests and sound commands of “newbies”.

4. Crowdfunding Specialist

Expert on fund-raising of startups through services like “kickstarter”. These are the websites where authors show up their projects and mark a sum of money that they need to launch it. Visitors decide whether they would like to fund a project or no.

5. Augmented Reality Developer

Augmented Reality Future Profession

Specialist who will develop programs for gadgets like Google Glass. For instance, a doctor would be able to examine a patient through special glasses, where roentgen picture and analysis results are displayed.

6. Waste Recycle Analyst

Specialists in this field will analyze possible ways of recycling the waste and using them as the energy source.

7. GMO Engineer

Without GMO usage, the highly increasing number of population on our planet won’t be able to feed themselves. Possibly, GMO engineers will be the most wanted specialists in agricultural complexes professional branch.

8. Curiosity Educator

The personal advisor who will be hired by clients to provide help in discovering the world around. Obviously, it could be an educated psychologist.

9. Nanotechnologist

Engineer whose task would be a development of objects using nanotechnologies: in medical care

10. Implant Designer

This is the profession standing on the edge between medical care and design. Specialists in the field of hurt or ill organs’ and extremities’ replacement with “smart” cybernetic implants.

These are only some of the possible qualifications which can appear on the job markets all over the world in near future. Their overall number is truly unlimited, because after reaching one top, humans always wish to go further.

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