13 Small Tricks for Students to Become More Motivated

Exams, social activities, dorm parties, in-campus tasks, writing assignments, personal troubles… Everything can make students exhausted both physically and mentally. They don’t want to do a thing. They might even ask professional paper writers for help because of being extremely tired and unmotivated. That is sad, but at the same time, that is normal.

Exhausted Student

But to be successful, students need to keep up with the pace of study, or even to run faster than their learning program does. Without that it is impossible to get good marks all the time.

Use these simple tips if you feel the lack of inner motivational resources.

  • 1. Remind Yourself of the Reason

    You may receive dull tasks you don’t want to do. Then remind yourself why you took that course or even entered that college. Think about the main goal of your studying, and after that your tasks will seem more attractive. Remember that you study not for parents or friends, but for your own sake.

    There is also a possibility for you to fail finding that reason. Then, I recommend you thinking twice. Maybe, the deal is not worth it.

    Nonetheless, when you realize that writing some essay won’t bring you any benefit and that you could spend the same time on more useful things, just avail our homework service. Don’t put aside more vitally essential tasks.

  • 2. Study a Bit

    Start from five minutes of reading. This small effort is often enough to charge your motivational battery up.

  • 3. Move Correctly

    Move like you are going to deal with that task immediately. This approach may seem to be silly, but it really works.

  • 4. Know Your Next Step

    You can’t study all subjects at once. You can’t write the whole college essays on different topics at one stroke. When a student faces a shapeless mass of hard work, he or she often starts to procrastinate. I know that, I was there before. Split your studying, exam preparation, coursework writing into precise and understandable steps, and then stick to that plan. This will make each task much simpler. See for yourself.

  • 5. Determine What Prevents You from Studying

    Are you tired, afraid, bored, worried, or angry? Do you lack time or expect someone to bring you the required information? Don’t think troubles will simply go away. There is no such magic in this world. Find the reason and neutralize it. Or just ask our essay writers to help you with that.

  • 6. Analyze Your Fears

    You aren’t very likely to have a phobia of studying or finishing tasks. But hidden fears can prevent you from concentrating on the learning process. Detect them. And then convince your mind you can deal with any situation.

    Here is a simple example: a student is afraid of a strict teacher who is a legendary old man willing his pupils to really know the subject. The first thing you should do in that case is to remember that such teachers never make students fail exams on purpose. The only thing you need to do is to learn the material and to know the subject well. That does not seem to be difficult, does it?

  • 7. Consolidate Your Efforts with Other People

    Find a person to motivate you when laziness comes. For instance, study subjects together with your dorm neighbor. You can study at different faculties and still check each other. That’s even more interesting.

  • 8. Start the Day Correctly

    Plan your upcoming day in the evening. Get up early in the morning and start completing the most important tasks first. This will give you a motivational charge that will last during the second half of the day.

  • 9. Read Books

    Do not concentrate on “bestsellers” about one’s self-development and motivation. And do not limit yourself to reading only scientific books and study materials required. Read books that contain ideas. Studying new things makes your brain become more active.

  • 10. Find the Right Instruments

    The environment influences your mood significantly. A slow computer, an uncomfortable application, or bad Internet connection can make your motivation fade out quite quickly: literally in seconds.

  • 11. Reformulate Your Small Troubles into Big Ones

    The worst thing for your motivation is a bunch of small problems you fail to solve. They irritate you and drain your will to do anything. Reformulate them so they could sound like big troubles.

  • 12. Make up a Mantra

    Find some phrases that help you concentrate and can charge you with motivation. They can be quotes from your favorite book or powerful phrases from some orator’s speech. Simple words telling you what to do can fit as well, like: “Act right now!”

  • 13. Get Inspired with Your Successes

    When you achieve something, you want to go on getting more and more. Even a small victory is enough for you to get inspired. A teacher said your work was good, or you dealt with a task fast: all of that adds to your energy.

Inspired Student

Plan your day in order to gain one or two small victories before the afternoon. This will add you some motivation for the rest of your day. Plan tasks you can complete for sure in the morning: go to the university gym or answer an important email from your teacher.

The best way to motivate yourself is to organize your life so that motivation won’t be needed. If your studying or job looks like your endless battle against yourself, it is time to think about changes. Use external motivation tricks in most critical cases but do not rely on them all the time.

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