It Seems You`ve Got a Student Crisis. How Do We Know That?

Student Depression

University years are supposed to be the most blissful time, they say. And every student on this planet will respond that it would be true only in the parallel universe.

It`s the time of endless stress, sleepless nights, merciless deadlines, and crashing waves of anxiety. Are you still sure those are blissful?

No wonder many students get engaged in extracurricular activities like heavy drinking and 24/7 partying. Poor things just get too overwhelmed with the pressure of home assignments, so they don`t have another choice apart from drinking tequila using their both hands.

Whether you`ve caught that sarcastic note or you haven`t, you still can`t deny that the problem of students` poor mental health is widespread and urgent. Many youngsters find themselves in a crisis which brings them closer and closer to serious depression.

Acknowledgment of a problem is the first step to solving it, and it is the right time for us to step in and help you out with our homework service.

You may not even be aware of a fact that you`re in the middle of a student crisis. The life may seem pretty usual, and you could assess the overall health status as good.

Then why bother at all? What if you have no problems with your mental health?

This type of crisis is very tricky. It creeps on you, making short steps and devouring you slowly but surely. It doesn`t just hit you straight in a head, it takes its time and follows you everywhere like a shadow.

Anyway, it`s no good time. So it`s just wonderful that you`ve come across our article right in the moment of need. Or you just want to know how to help your friend, or you`re just searching for affordable and trustworthy online assignment help.

Either way, we will tell you everything we know about the signs of a student crisis.

An Early Bird Turned a Night Owl

Sleeping In

Major changes in your sleeping habits can serve as the indicators of some massive changes in your mental or physical health. The amount of sleep we get determine our behavior, emotions, and reactions to the surrounding world.

If you don`t get enough of shut-eye, you know exactly what is going to happen. Nothing good! If you`re a student, sleep deprivation just becomes your life companion, and it doesn`t seem to bother you anymore.

If you`ve noticed that you can`t fall asleep for a really long time or you`ve started sleeping in because you can`t get a good rest, that`s a bad sign. In fact, it`s one of the signs of a student crisis.

So, She`s Got 2000 Likes

You start comparing yourself to peers and analyze how successful they are. Hear me out, it`s just all in your head!

Of course, there is nothing wrong if you follow the achievements of your fellow students, if you are a bit jealous of their academic success, or if you wonder how they got that awesome job.

But it doesn`t mean that everything that you`re doing is minor and less important.

When you feel like everybody`s doing better than you do, and you perceive yourself as a human equivalent of a failure, you know for sure that you`ve got problems, right?

One Ticket to … Anywhere, Please

We all have that feeling from time to time. When you`re absolutely done with all struggles, problems, when you have 5 bad days in a row, when you see a picture of your friend who got engaged (and you think: “Oh, you poor thing. What are you getting yourself into?”), all hell breaks loose and you lose your patience.

You have a growing desire to pack a bag and get out from the country or the continent for a couple of days. But some time passes, everything goes back to normal, and you feel more or less alright.

See? These are the characteristics of a person who has stable mental health. How can you know you`re in the middle of a crisis?

The symptoms are the same, but they don`t disappear with time. That desire of running away just doesn`t leave. It`s like your mind is haunted by this idea.

You think that if you escape, you`ll be able to start a new life at a new place. You`re willing to drop out, and you believe that it has got to be just like in movies. Please don`t let reality hit you too hard.

It`s Shopping Time!


Are you out of hangers? It`s understandable because you`ve been out doing shopping, and it seems that you have bought too much. All those purchases may not be very valuable, and you probably don`t need those at all, but they make you happy at least for some time, for a couple of minutes or even the whole hour.

That`s why you can`t help it. If you buy stuff more often than you used to, it`s yet another sign of a student crisis or any other type of a psychological crisis.

If you can`t hide in your closet because it`s filled with clothes so tightly, then it`s time to brace yourself. Shopping does cause endorphins to get released into your body, but it`s a dangerous tendency if you indulge yourself in this way too often.

A certain dependency can be developed, and you`ll end up being caught in two kinds of crisis.

Emotional Roller Coaster

If you`re just a natural drama-queen, then you may not even bother reading this passage. Just skip it and head straight to the next one.

Now, let`s have a chat with all emotionally mature youngsters here, who have recently noticed that they`re totally losing it.

Any minor event can let you down and a puppy meme can make you burst into tears of happiness and tenderness? Mood swings have become a part of your morning routine?

That`s not good. What if you have a student crisis?

What we can offer you here isn’t a medicine, but that will surely help you reduce your study stress.

Eww, This Is Not Fetch

No, you don`t have a crisis if you behave like one of the “Mean Girls”. This is just the sign that you`re not a very nice person. But your being disgusted by different things all the time may actually be a pretty vivid indicator.

Before we get any further with the explanations, let`s just set something straight here.

It is not okay to kiss somebody if you haven`t brushed your teeth first. If you feel disgusted by this situation, my congratulations, you`re very much alright.

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