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Ecology Essay

Humans are the most arrogant species on this planet that just naturally assume that everything belongs to them.

Forests? Let`s just get rid of those because we need some fancy wooden cabins.

Seas? Who cares about clean water and fish? Mother Nature will obviously create more of those.

Global warming? Ask Donald Trump, he will tell you all truth and that global warming is a hoax. So, why bother, right?

By the way, I’ve just happened to remember another species that can be even more arrogant than human beings.

You might think that those don`t exist, but how about cats? Seriously, I mean it. I know for sure that all dog-lovers will support me now. And in case you`re a member of a cat-squad, my apologies, but our team just has to open your eyes.

If you haven`t noticed it yet, your cat has enslaved you, and it`s the most vivid example of Stockholm syndrome. Do you really think that you`re its owner and not vice versa? Think twice.

Something tells me that this cat-talk wasn`t supposed to be a part of our topic.

Whatever, we started discussing ecology and people`s harmful influence on the planet. It`s a hot topic nowadays, and it should be! It`s no wonder that you can be asked to write an essay on some aspect of Ecological studies.

It can be an assignment requiring you to suggest some solutions based on scientific research or just to spill out your own opinion on the matter.

So, we`ve thought that we`re obliged to provide some college homework help to you today. We`ve prepared a list of extremely cool books that offer an unusual approach to the topic and will definitely inspire you to write an essay. Or they may even turn you into an ecology activist?

I`m not saying they will, but they may.

“The Waste Makers” by Vance Packard

The book was written in 1960, but it is super relatable to everything that is happening in the 21st century.

The writer must be a psychic or something because all he talks about in the book from the past millennium shows what people have learnt during all those years of producing and polluting.

They were warned! And yet they haven’t done anything. It`s the same as ignoring a hurricane warning or complaining about a broken car which you failed to get to the garage in time.

What can we say? Humanity does act irresponsibly and illogically sometimes. More like all the time.

The main focus of “The Waste Makers” is consumerism. Vance Packard is one of the most famous critics of this social phenomenon. He studied this type of human behavior for years and made his own professional conclusions and suggestions.

When it comes to the core of ecology and modern problems of planetary scale, consumerism is something that is really interesting to study.

Seriously, you`ll be able to take a look at those spheres which you`re most interested in. It can be fashion, food, automobile production.

Plus, you can apply psychological methods in your well-thought-out analysis. Why do people want to buy more and more? What tricks do brands use in order to encourage consumers to get hooked and follow all modern trends so blindly?

You`ll find the answers in the book and write a brilliant essay with its help.

“Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth” by R. Buckminster Fuller

You could never assume that we would ever offer boring books to you, right? It`s just not our style of assignment help.

That`s why we have decided that you could easily read about various ecological issues on Wikipedia. Meanwhile, we will explain to you why this science fiction novel is cool.

Yep, it deals with many ecological problems, but they are described in the most interesting way possible. “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth” will introduce you to pirates, Leonardo da Vinci’s doppelgangers, and the conception that all people are astronauts and the Earth is a big spaceship.

I guess every one of us has thought about the endless depths and mysteries of the Universe at least once in a lifetime. This thought hits us from time to time, and you`ve got to admit that it`s scary to have this idea spinning in your head.

As we`ve stated above, people are arrogant, and it`s incredibly hard to imagine that we`re just a teeny-tiny sandstone on the beach of the Universe.

So, this book will help you figure out many things that you`ve been wondering about. Of course, it has many fantastic creatures and wonderful events, but it will just add some creative vibe to your essay. Your writing will definitely stand out.

“Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered” by E.F Schumacher


If any of you, guys, are car racing fans, then calm down because it`s not the Schumacher who is a world champion. E.F. Schumacher was an economic advisor to the governments of Great Britain, Burma, and India for over 20 years.

So, our writer is also German. He wrote the book in 1973, and it was a while ago. Nevertheless, it still is incredibly useful for everyone who studies ecology, international politics, and sustainable development.

“Time” magazine has called this work an “eco- Bible”. So, yep, you got it right, it is definitely worth to read and analyze it.

The most important question that can be extracted from the book is the following: “Is the more really the merrier?”

The writer does have major doubts about this statement. He claims that humanity has to learn how to consume, produce, throw away less than usually. If this tendency doesn`t stop, it will lead to inexplicable terrifying consequences.

“Gaia: A New Look at the Life on Earth” by James Lovelock

Guys, this is big. The book that we`re about to dissect piece by piece has caused a very hot discussion in the scientific circles.

Let`s get to know the author first. James Lovelock is a prominent British naturalist and inventor. He has come up with the idea of Gaia.

Who is she? It`s actually a scientific hypothesis which represents the idea of the Earth being a self-regulated organism. Basically, our whole planet is one body that lives, breathes, and serves as home to many species. Everything is interconnected, and Earth knows better what it wants for itself.

According to this hypothesis, Earth has an enormous power of self-regulation. It can manage all processes, and it won`t probably notice if all the people are gone.

What if it`s our planet`s dream? It seems so. Green Peace has supported the idea, and it has become widely popular all over the world. On top of that, the book has inspired organization of many modern ecological movements.

“Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson

This book is different from the others that we`ve mentioned already because it`s focusing on a very specific problem.

American biologist Rachel Carson was really worried about decline in the population of singing birds. The book is a real ecological detective because the scientist conducted massive research in order to find out the reason which had caused the problem.

She discovered that poisonous chemicals did considerable harm to many species and had a negative impact on their health and the whole population. Needless to say, many companies which were linked to the pollution accusations denied the impact and were even trying to ban the publishing of the book.

But this American lady couldn`t care less. She did tell the world about this problem and she even contributed to implementation of many laws which forbad the use of pesticides in agriculture.

What is more, Rachel Carson became one of the initiators of founding the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Yay to the power of ecology and of books on ecology!

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