Avoid Stress

How to avoid stress? Some ordinary things around can help you to keep calm and relaxed.


Brushing your hair for 10-15 minutes will also help you to relieve stress. Can it get any simpler than that? After a long day at school or at work your head gets heavy and you may end up with a headache. Brushing your hair helps you to relax your muscles and helps blood to circulate faster.

Brush away your stress

Tasty food

Omega-3 acids are extremely helpful for our nervous system, they help to stay in a good mood and to relieve stress. It is very good to eat oily fish, a banana or an ice-cream, these foods are as effective as antidepressants!


It is great if you can have a professional anti-stress massage course, but even if it is not possible at this time, you can always do some self-massaging during the day! Massaging under your nose, between the eyebrows, under your lower lip, both of your ears and in the middle of your hand will help you to keep energy, relieve stress, to cheer up and focus on your work.

Physical activities

You can do any sports or you can just run up and down the stairs – it has been proved that few things relieve stress as good as physical activity.


Our emotional memory is strongly connected with the smells. Each of us has his own “happy smell”, connected with a good memory. We may have no idea about it until one day we suddenly feel it again and remember a happy moment of our life. Those smells are different for everyone, but specialist in aromatherapy claim that happiness smells like roses, lavender, jasmine and geranium.

Happy smell

Listen to music

When you hear you favorite music your mood automatically gets better. It is proved that music relieves stress almost as good as physical activities. Psychologies classify listening to favorite music, reading good books and satisfying one’s curiosity as types of “mental pleasures”.

Happy letter

Write yourself a letter with at least 300 good words about yourself. Don’t be modest, list all your positive characteristics, write about good things you do, all about what makes you special. This letter will not only raise your self-esteem, but will make you more stress-resistant.

Take a break from yourself

Take some time to talk to your friends, colleges, neighbors about what is going on in their lives. You will not only stop thinking about your problems and things that stress you out, but will also learn more about people around you and maybe will even be able to help some of them.

27 items

Eastern philosophers say that you need to move 27 things in your house in order to release space for energy and to let sadness go away. You may believe it or not, but when you spend some time moving 27 things, your mind will definitely have a break and you will distract yourself from the things that stress you out.

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